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Desc:Examine your 1st volume 'Mystic Places' for 10 days free and then decide...if you want to dismiss it
Tags:commercial, time life, DISMISSED AS CHANCE
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Comment count is 12
Rovin - 2008-09-23
I own this set. DISSMISSED? I think not.
Rovin - 2008-09-23
Dismissed, even.

robotkarateman - 2008-09-23
One of these books has an article about some London tunnel-diggers cracking open a big chunk of coal and finding a pterodactyl still alive. It promptly gasped its last breath, died, and was, apparently, never seen again.

The entire series is like a Fortean Yahoo group, with about as much fact checking. It's wonderful.

dueserpenti - 2008-09-23
Had the whole set.
coprolalia - 2008-09-23
The other ad with the alien drawings crept me out big time as a kid.
chumbucket - 2008-09-23
the ads bring back nightmares

HankFinch - 2008-09-23
I twist wire into egyptian symbols and point it at things all the time. Sure, I get a surge of energy and get knocked out, but it's really not that big of a deal. The fact he pointed at Stonehenge is just a coincedence.
Rudy - 2008-09-24

Hooper_X - 2008-09-23
I wanted these so bad. Instead, my parents got Time-Life Books "Simple Guide To Home Repairs" series. Admittedly, it DID show me how to install a new electric socket, but that's no surge of power from Stonehenge, man.
baleen - 2008-09-23

This book series was pretty damn fun when I was a kid.
I have some tapes of a little radio show I made with my best friend when I was eight when we did a parody of these commercials. Aww.
Read the book.

garcet71283 - 2008-09-23
I just called the number and it just keeps ringing...but isn't disconnected... DISMISSED AS COINCIDENCE
Louddetective - 2017-05-23
I loved finding these things in the local library of my crappy home town, and I always keep an eye out for them at Goodwill / Value Village etc.
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