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Desc:... And then they all rush out and ruin their diets.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:chocolate, women, axe body spray, Sex Appeal, credulity
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Comment count is 8
Women are mindless in the face of chocolate.
Men want to be consumed piecemeal by women.

Yep, that's accurate.

Perfectly oblivious.
Thank god only hot women are shameless whores.
well, that was kinda creepy.
i dont know, all of these Axe commercials are kind of unappealing without actually depicting direct vaginal intercourse.
Every Axe commercial I've seen has left me somewhat unsettled. This one tipped the balance and outright terrified me
Not seen: The choco-man screaming in pain and thrashing on the ground after his arm gets pulled off after chocolate sauce starts spewing out of the hole where his limb used to be.
I'm surprised there was no dick joke. I guess I'll have to settle for the ass-biting.
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