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Desc:Kenyan preacher inaugurates Palin as God's instrument in government.
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:mccain, witchcraft, palin, whos got the crazy preacher NOW motherfuckers
Submitted:Corman's Inferno
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Comment count is 14
Then why are you giving it 5 stars?
so more people will watch it again

This is a terrible video that should never have been submitted. No one should watch this.
I was in Kenya this July and I found that pretty much all of them support Obama. I can definitely see Kenyan sorcerers trying to curse Sarah Palin to get their man in the white house.
I like the Kenyan people (when they're not pressuring you to buy crap), but they do not know what America needs.
2 stars, because though I support Palin too this video is rather boring.
You have never been to Kenya.

I thought this fool got banned

I was in Kenya. Of course there is no way to prove it, but you can believe what you want to believe.
But I know I have traveled upon the Masai Mara. Have met actual Samburu and Massai tribesmen. Have heard the gut wrentching crunches of lions feasting on Zebra. And I met actual Kenyans enthused at the thought of one of their bastard children ascending to the highest office in the free world.
Believe what you want...

"And I met actual Kenyans"

You have never been to Kenya.

Well who would I meet in Kenya? Canadians. Just keep drinking that haterade. It'll heal the pain of never being able to leave your hometown, while I Cena_mark have been all over the world.
I have been to the UK, Ireland, Bahamas, Canada, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Japan, Kenya, and Tanzania. Whoa you'll need a whole case of Haterade after reading that.

Somehow, I picture Sam Losco saying everything coming out of Cena_mark's mouth.

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