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Desc:or Why is Obama such a jerk, while you're so awesome?
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:fox news, mccain, obama, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin
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Brian Williams reporting on the Trump twitter feed 11/06/2012.
Comment count is 21
Hannity asks Palin to give him five minutes of talking points. She manages to, and he congratulates her on her independent streak. Jesus.

Also, Hannity's catch phrase: CLASS WARFARE! If only, you fat, lying whore.
Sure, class warfare, the kind where the lower class wages war with itself and the upper class provides the ammunition.


Hannity manages to make Katie Couric look like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

Its like Palin's an empty shell filled with slogans and talking points.

Palin manages to make Bush Jr. look like Bush Sr.

I don't know what's more depressing: That they probably spend twice as much time on her hair and makeup than they do teaching her what her own policy is, or that it's probably in their best interest.

Also, I giggle every time she says "That's why John McCain tapped me."
Yeah... I'll keep nodding... look at those lips... I bet I could OH RIGHT focus focus...

-5 because I think she's not worth her nomination. And because I dont vote in the US elections.
She's definitely not worthy of the nomination. She's the least experienced candidate ever put on a major national ticket. She's also one of the stupidest people to try to answer questions. I shudder to think that Bush might be smarter than she is.

Frank Rizzo
-5 means you're not voting the video, retard

Does this woman EVER use periods?

At least pause between talking points to give them a little oomph instead of forcing me to slowly tune you out going...whhaaaaaaaaaaa?
asian hick
Given her famiy's size, I'm not surprised she doesn't know what a period is.


Women should have to pay for every period they have.

She really let her hair down on this one.

0:18 flirty, she did him right after this
Hannity is not interested.


So basically just talk to her like you're a beauty pageant host.
lol america

I think you might be the only person that finds that funny.

"Why is John McCain's tax plan better?"
"That's a grest question."

Bonus stars if someone can use the "John McCain tapped me" in a new hilarious manner.
*great question

Unmerciful Crushing Force
God. What can be said that hasn't already been said? I have just enough faith left in McCain to think that he could at least run a semi-stable leadership... but given that Palin is his VP..

Palin in VP is like putting a toddler as co-pilot on a trans-continental flight - if might be okay but if god help you if something happens to the pilot.
the palin choice is basically mccain's exit strategy out of his life mistake of running for this office

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