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Desc:Mulder sets the perfect example
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:x-files, Mulder, abnormal
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Comment count is 18
Frank Rizzo
...well alrighty then.

*goes back, clicks another video*
a flaming monkey
Alternate, more profitable scenario choice:

...Yessir indeedy.

*Pauses video, masturbates frantically until white lightning ascension*

A star for Jim Rose. A star for the Enigma. A star for Scully eating a bug. A star for Mulder's pose. A star for the third best X-Files episode ever.
On the one hand, this video isn't very good, sans context.

On the other, it reminded me of that episode which I haven't seen in years, and of that last line, which in context of the episode is actually really funny.

If anything, this clip needs LESS context.

Zhou Fang
Fuck 'yall.

Context be damned, this is my all-time sentimental favorite episode.
Caminante Nocturno
I remember this episode.

In a good way.

I wish I could give five extra stars for Mulder's pose.
a flaming monkey
Ah, this was the siamese-twin-mermaid-man-thingy one right?
this was a good episode
I never saw this episode, but I can already tell it's one of the kind of funny ones. Those were the best. The small Texas town vampires one, with Luke Wilson, was the best episode this show ever had. I always liked when they made fun of Mulder.
"The coroner's been attacked. His throat was bitten."
"The coroner's dead!?"
"No.. his throat was.. bitten. Just sort of.. gnawed on."

Bad Blood! Still my all time favorite

lieutenant halfabeef
Yes, played by Vincent Schiavelli.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The 90's.
-1 for the huge letdown from the excitement of seeing Jim Rose on this show only to discover it's yet another quirky under-drama of an x-files episode
j lzrd / swift idiot
I loved this episode.
Episodes like this one and the one written by William Gibson made me tune in every week hopefully.

FUN FACT! The Enigma is a very nice man and a pretty good guitarist but he smells kinda gamey.
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