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Desc:The person finds it hilarious.
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:ostrich, attack, gang, bowtie
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Comment count is 23
What's not to like?
The expressions on those birds are fantastic
Jimmy Labatt
I am torn between which is more hilarious: the expressions on the birds or this guy's laugh.

Which one is more muppet-like?

Man Louis Farrakan is stoned out of his mind.
Goddammit. I was going to make a gay Nation of Islam joke but now I'll just look like a johnny come lately. Screw you, buttnutt. Fuck you.

I like this guy. He's like Arthur's American, gay second cousin.
This guy has the second best laugh ever next to Arthur.

Also, I think this guy is British. He keeps referring to pounds as a unit of currency.

Goethe and ernie
Yeah, he used to do some money program over here in the 90s I think. I can only assume that gay Carlton-a-likes weren't accepted in the US.

Caminante Nocturno
The smart, nerdy black kid from the 90's grew up and got a job in news.
Midnight Man
The Black Orville Redenbacher

Who is this strange black gay economist ostrich man and why is he such a happy ray of light.
My whole purpose in life has been to watch this video. I know this now.
asian hick
I'm a little let down. At 1:15 it looked like something even more awesome was about to happen.

Still, this made my day.
A little later an ostrich kicks him the gut and slices open his belly, and he just laughs even as his intestines unspool out onto the ground.
j lzrd / swift idiot
That is the best laugh.
"Maybe if we peck him to death he'll stop giggling like a gay schoolgirl."
"Hey! This guy's delicious!"

I think he might be gay.
My, Earth really is full of things.
Urkel Forever
Even though I'm giving this a five, I have to say that I am disappointed that this didn't end with the camera man desperately trying to pull back a bloodthirsty ostrich from the bowtie man's already broken body.

God help me.
Dude, stop apologizing! It's the birds.

The birds are to blame.
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