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Desc:This year's most crabular game.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Crab, boring, Deadliest Catch
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Comment count is 20
bopeton - 2008-09-29
God that looks boring. And evil.
dichotic1 - 2008-09-29

baleen - 2008-09-29

It sounds boring... But so does Silent Service, but that game was pretty fun.
bopeton - 2008-09-29
Oh man I used to play the shit out of that. It's the only game were sitting quietly for 20 minutes was a big part of the fun.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-09-29




Chancho - 2008-09-29
40 pixel swells!
Hooper_X - 2008-09-29
On one hand, this COULD be a decent little resource management game - keep your fishermen happy and healthy despite the elements while managing to bring in a big enough catch to pay the bills. What will you do if there's a spike in fuel costs? Make sure you don't overfish the best areas! Danger lurks every time the skies get cloudy - watch out for storm swells! Narrated by Mike Rowe!

On the other hand, it will probably just be button-mashing REEL 'ER IN mini-games.
Syd Midnight - 2008-09-29
The whole appeal of Deadliest Catch is that the job is extremely dangerous. But if an occupational sim is done right, *any* job is extremely dangerous.

I'd be ready for disappointment. I bet they don't let you throw annoying crew overboard then sail slowly away, or lock them in a cage to use as free crab bait, which are the first 2 things I'd try to do.

Syd Midnight - 2008-09-29
Or see how many men you can get tangled in one line, so the cage drags the entire crew overboard like a string of christmas lights.

Ageusiatic - 2008-09-29
When submitting this clip, I was telling a friend that this probably would have been a pretty good game overall, if it had been a flash game on discovery's website instead of a 360 game.

That said, this was the most interesting clip I could find of the game. I understand a lot of people rate this on the sheer fact that this is a deadliest catch video game, but jesus- this was the most action packed clip I could find. The other trailers to the game involve bringing a crab pot onboard, and slowly drifting through the ocean while dropping the occasional pot.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2008-09-29
It's like "Bassmasters Fishing" without the excitement.

Ageusiatic - 2008-09-29
You say that now, but wait until you catch Crab Fever!

Seriously though, crab fever is a horrible fate for anyone. Please, donate to the fund. Just by typing this, I'm pretty sure that google ads will display a banner for a charity that helps the crabbed.

Syd Midnight - 2008-09-30
I don't hold it against you, man. It's a .. Deadliest Catch video game.. only so far you can go with that, but thanks for finding out that such a thing existed. I'd have bet cash it didn't.

chumbucket - 2008-09-29
could be worse, could be bill-fishing with steve garvey
sosage - 2008-09-29
I'm holding out for Ice Road Truckers:The Video Game...
Syd Midnight - 2008-09-30
"How Things Are Made: Vol I: Cloth

Like you never put that much work into making pretend cloth in a videogame once..

charmlessman - 2008-09-29
I'm waiting until the nude patch comes out.
Frank Rizzo - 2008-09-29
"Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge" sounds more fun then this crap fest.

the people that are in this show must think this is hilarious.
Hooper_X - 2008-11-21
Probably not, since I severely doubt they get anything int eh way of royalties.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-09-29
I don't see a giant squid anywhere, and therefore this game is bullshit.
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