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Desc:Gillian Anderson and her dirty doity bed dance
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Automaton love, Your caress is pneumatic, Im a slave to your touch, My response automatic
Submitted:Mr. Fiesta
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Comment count is 15
do the Scully rap!
do Scully!

a flaming monkey
Wow, those tags may be the beginning of a paradigm shift in taggification.
a flaming monkey
5 for preload screen.

King of Balls
That was exactly what I was thinking when I read them.

On the other hand, though, where will we place the neglected and obviously requisite "cyberpunk" tag?

I have this on a CD maxi-single somewhere.
I never lost my boner for Gillian Anderson
asian hick
I'm trying to come up with a non-creepy way of expressing how hot she is, but I can't do it.
I can't be bothered to even try to think of a non-creepy way to express how hot she is. Especially since her hotness is pretty much the whole point of this clip.

Dr Dim
I don't know how to rate this. OK, she's hot, but the song is horrible and the clip is hilarious and just knowing this exists makes me feel like a massive dork. I think I need to shave my neck now.
I'm going to give stars based on hotness and humor.

However, I can just as easily justify a one-star here; based on Dana Scully doing a role that would demean Lindsey Lohan, and the overwhelming shitiness of the song.

With sound: 3 stars.
Mute: 5 stars.

At POETV, EVERY week is SFW Fetish Week!
"Hey love crusader
I want to be your space invader..."

5 Stars for the ultra low-res brain CT.

Also, why the fuck do I like this song in a non-humorous way? I usually groan at space disco and related things.
In spite of the cornball disco music.
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