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Desc:A heartfelt rendition of a timeless classic. I don't think she's being ironic.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:acoustic, americas funniest home videos
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Comment count is 11
Its bad. The comments and related videos are worse.
There are... so many things i could say about this.

For starters, Yes. America, this is You. Overweight people on Youtube who seemto take themselves way to seriously, but may be brilliant trying to be ironic.

Such as the irony of posting a cover of the theme to YouTube's Network TV predecessor on Youtube. I would be convinced it was brilliant, if there was an inkling that she was being ironic on purpose.

also: I wonder if she does a cover of In Living Color's Theme song, or any other early 90s comedy shows.

Five stars just for the image of Sarah Palin singing this on stage, which this video inspired my imagination to create
Caminante Nocturno
Oh, no! I'm having flashbacks to when I was a child and I wasn't allowed to choose my nighttime viewing!
For a second i thought the "Acoustic" tag was the "Autistic" tag
It could have been if she gave us a five minute speech on the history of the show, the theme song, and anecdotes about what people did with the money they won making an ass of themselves on that show.

I have to believe this is a joke, because this is comedy genius. Seriously.
This needs to be a series.
I kept expecting her to wheel around and hit someone in the nuts with that guitar.
needs a banjo version
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