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Desc:When you watch it, you'll see why it's not on 73Q.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:CGI, ZZ Top, doctorlegua abortions, unfortunate fan video
Submitted:Testicles of Doom
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Comment count is 15

Lumpy CG sweatpants women.
You know what's really sexy? Gyrating until standing at an unnatural 45 degree angle. Rowr.
why does dusty look exactly like billy?
What's with the toilet flush at the end?
What the fuck are those faces in the car at the end?

Also: dammit I miss doctorlegua. He would have done this so much worse and it would have been so much better.
I know, its almost like hes making some kind of progress. I mean this was creepy but it was only like a 6th grader got a copy of Poser creepy instead of a serial killer with a copy of Poser.

Disregard my comment this wasn't drlegua. Im actually happy about this in a sick way.

a flaming monkey
Oh shit. Now i'm going to imagine those awkward motions every time i listen to this song.
Do a search for The Jackal's Forge if you enjoy this stuff
Was 4 stars until the guitar-spin.
I don't think that's a west coast strut as much as it is some kind of palsy.
I don't understand the last 10 seconds.
I don't think the guy who made this is a fan of anything.

PS: I don't get why people actually enjoy listening to ZZ Top.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Not being about the classic DOS computer game ZZT takes away a star.
I walk like that when I'm desperately trying not to shit my pants.
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