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Desc:Now how could THIS system could have failed?!?
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Tiger, game.com, black and white screen, text-based internet, insulting your target audience ALWAYS works
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Comment count is 22
Caminante Nocturno
I don't want to buy a game.com, but I really want to hurt a midget.
Our demographic identifies strongly with hateful midgets.
Apparently those 3 in the crowd were the only ones interested in game.com EVER
"How much does it cost?"

Yes, what a dumb question.

Tiger products, the gameboy for poor kids.
If that isn't 90s, I don't know what is.
Mike Tyson?!
Seriously. Put this in a time capsule.

"It connects you to the internet."

Yeah, the late 90's internet. =(
Ah yes.... back when the porn was free.

I want one!

Midgets make everything fun!

(Except for that one on "Boston Legal". She's a bitch.)
The Townleybomb
That is some pretty Xtreme marketing!
The midget refuses to answer your perfectly reasonable questions on the grounds that the Game.com is horrible. The midget will not indulge corrupt left-wing gotcha journalism.

Seriously, this thing was even worse than the N-Gage. Wikipedia has the following:

Using the game.com with the modem was cumbersome. The user had to insert the game.com modem into one of the unit's game cartridge slots, connect the game.com to a phone jack, and dial into the game.com-exclusive (and fairly expensive) ISP. From there, the user could upload saved high scores, or check e-mail and view the web [text-only] if they had the Internet cartridge (sold separately from the modem). This process would end up being a matter of trial-and-error; both Tiger's now-defunct website and the included manual gave incorrect instructions for setting up a game.com for internet access.
I think we're all missing something here, it's not just a midget that hates us, it's a midget with purple hair that hates us.
Also, was that suit chosen to clash with his hair? Does that make him more edgy and x-treme?
And, I think there are people in that audience that have an IQ higher than 4.
He's clearly dressed as Satan circa that time period when everyone listened to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

I'm confused at why all those people were in that room in the first place.
And yet, I owned one of these and it was the most worthless piece of shit ever.
I had Batman and Lights-Out.

I liked Lights-Out. I was young though and it was a gift and I didn't know any better.
Awesomely 90's.
I hated that commercial and that little shit...and times haven't changed.
Why did he have to stand on that guy's back

Why didn't he just adjust the mic stand.

Oh Game.com, your enigmatic commercial mystifies me in many ways.
That midget gave me a headache.
This is pretty much pure distilled 90s:

Red suit, spiked hair and goatee (the "hipster satan" look)
That whole "anti-marketing" marketing gimmick
"surfing the net"
Everyone is in a big underground room with flashing lights (i.e., a rave or wherever they shot Nine Inch Nails videos)
Appending ".com" to the end of your product to be cool
General terribleness.

All it really needs is a guy on a sky-surfing board and maybe a ska band.
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