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Desc:scruffy insane-o meticulously explains grainy mexican witch video
Category:Educational, Pets & Animals
Tags:David Icke, weather balloon, reptilian attack
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Comment count is 9
A show of aggression by the "reptilians" on a pogo stick . . . or whatever the fuck it is.
I like these clips that make me feel like an incredibly intelligent, rational person.

Hey, Mexico! I'm smarter than you!
Good stuff, skip to 0:53.

"members of the local mexican ufo club..."

"no question in my mind!"

it's no fuckin balloon!

The testimony of Mexican police officers... Well that's a solid case right there.
Fuckin' reptilians, man.
What happened to the Punisher's teeth?
I don't buy into reptilian conspiracies, but I do enjoy tales of the supernatural. It would be cool if they really were witches or aliens, but like most shit that get my hopes up this too could be a fraud.
I got pumped up about the bigfoot corpse that was found in North Ga, but that was a lie. And it was a police officer telling those lies. Those Mexican cops who got attacked might be lying as well.
This kind of coverage must be exhilarating for the people who fake the videos. Minus the opening theme.
Clearly, these interstellar/multidimensional beings with technology so advanced it is completely incomprehensible to us, need to be taken down.

Humanity's most effective weapon? Pistol wielding comic nerds in trench coats.
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