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Desc:one minute and thirty seven seconds of bulldog treadmill action
Category:Pets & Animals, Business
Tags:bulldog, Treadmill, silent stares
Submitted:Moustache McGillicuddy
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Comment count is 13
do you think he thinks he's going somewhere?
Don't worry, he'll get there someday.

This dog is friends with newspaper stand dog IN MY SECRET FANTASY WORLD
one star for every time i came.
I would find it morally reprehensible to take a star from this video after it so exactly matches the specifications set forward in the description. Though I guess one could argue the "word" action is stretched nearly to its breaking point here.
I'm pretty sure "action" is supposed to be in quotes there. I don't know what to tell you guys. Sometimes a fella misplaces quotation marks. What, like you're perfect or something? Dick.

I was kind of hoping the treadmill would stop at the end and the dog would stumble around dizzily. But such was in no way advertised so I can't in good conscience dock a star.

Moustache McGillicuddy
thank you for FINALLY voting this video out of the hopper, assholes
I was gonna three star this because it's too long and boring, but I guess I'll one star it instead.

Wonko the Sane
I hate to be that asshole, but this video IS boring.
You're not the only asshole. Nor are you wrong.

It's a bulldog on a treadmill.

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