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Desc:If you can't spot the difference...
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Sarah Palin, palin, Biden, really scary, beyond parody
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represtentations of gender in advertising
Comment count is 24
Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-10-01
Never mind. I think I hate her now. Arrogance and determination is not a substitute for, you know, competence.
glasseye - 2008-10-02
You'd think we would have learned that over the past eight years...

dancingshadow - 2008-10-01
Those scorned Hillary supporters must be pouring in.
Lauritz Melchior - 2008-10-01

IrishWhiskey - 2008-10-01
Two kinds of voters will watch this debate:

One kind will see an arugala-eating intellectual doddering on about the "commerce clause" and finding "compromise" on an issue as divisive as abortion, versus a likable, relatable hockey-mom who emphasizes strongly that she's pro-life and for states rights.

The other kind will see qualified, versus not.

SolRo - 2008-10-01
I'll be watching to see biden let palin beat herself at the debate.

sarah palin has a liberal bias against sarah palin!

RocketBlender - 2008-10-01
I'm watching because I imagine it's going to be like an hour long poeTV clip.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-10-02

Lurchi - 2008-10-02
Biden may be a lot of things, but arugala eating intellectual is not one. That's a reason he got picked.

fatatty - 2008-10-02
I'll be watching because Little Miss Buzzword will get me hammered if I just drink when she says "blink", "reining in spending", "shoring up the economy" and "shaking up washington". I could also just drink when she says something maddeningly stupid, but I would not survive the first hour.

ProfessorChaos - 2008-10-01
I'm opposed to the Decision on Nix vs. Hedden.

How hard is it to seriously think of a supreme court case? I understand you might not be able to name one on the fly by it's proper case name, but you can't think of ONE case other then Roe V. Wade?

Plessy v. Ferguson?
Boumediene v. Bush?

IrishWhiskey - 2008-10-01
No kidding: I asked a 12 year old (friend's kid) this question yesterday.

He said "Dredd Scott"

Let's ponder that for a moment...

Aubrey McFate - 2008-10-02
For me, it's not that she can't name one. Hell, if you had asked me out of the blue, then I might not name one. The point is that I'm not running for VP, and if I were I would do some damn research into my own government.

badideasinaction - 2008-10-02
I'm a fucking Canadian and I could name a couple by name, and a few more by basic precedent.



I keep trying to write down how I feel about this without making it sound like forced outrage, but I can't - I'm genuinely disgusted by the Republican party putting this person forward.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-10-02
Kramer vs. Kramer

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-10-02
Good Lord.
dead_cat - 2008-10-02
Oh god, such smugness. She acts like she has no idea of how badly she's bombing. After the interview, I bet she still had that idiotic smile on her face as she left the building.

Here's hoping she pranced right out the door and into the path of a moving bus.
Lurchi - 2008-10-02
Her narrative now is "the evil liberal media is attacking me" no matter what.

glendower - 2008-10-02
The sad thing is social conservatives will vote for her/McCain no matter how unfit she is for the office because she represents their moral values.
nonplusplus - 2008-10-02
Courtesy of user Gnat007:

"I recently interviewed Sarah Palin. Here's how it went.

Me: What day is it today?

Sarah Palin: There are 7 days in a week. There are many days. We could choose from many different days.

Me: Yes, but what day is today?

Sarah Palin: Today could be one of 7 days. And I have a great appreciation for how beautifully the week is set up. I mean, our question might even be rephrased to ask if we haven't lost sight of the bigger picture, where the day is just a small part of what constitutes a week, which would be yet another part of what is known as the month.

Me: I just want to know what day it is, specifically.

Sarah Palin: Any and all of them that have come and gone. I have always been comfortable with any and all of them. My point, however, is that it all comes back to the year. I am someone who believes that the voiceless can count on me to represent the calendar in an unbiased way, from within one of the highest offices of government. After all, I have always made myself clear, and I am not apologetic about who I am. There are 30 days in a month and 52 weeks in a year. I was born in the 20th century, and this might already be the 21st , who knows? Here, our sense of the space-time continuum has come to be challenged by those who insist they must know what day of the week we are presently at. And I think it needs to be addressed in concrete terms for the good of the American people. Thank you."

takewithfood - 2008-10-02
If I was interviewing her I think I'd start with the basics and work my way up to bigger questions.

"What is your name?"
"What is 2 + 2?"
"How many fingers do you have? Yes, counting thumbs. On both hands. Just.. please just answer the question. OH fuck off, I tried."

chumbucket - 2008-10-02
abortion is all their supporters care about anyway, fuck the rest who cares Katie? jesus
Cena_mark - 2008-10-02
What is it with Republican turbos and thumpers always bitching and complaining about Roe v Wade? The case will never be overturned, LIVE WITH IT! Get over your obsession with controlling a woman's reproductive organs.
Sure much of the Republican base is a bunch of turbos, but can't they just at least let the issue slide, it would make it much easier on their party.

Simian Pride - 2008-10-03
I want to see her interviewed by Tim Sebastian.

For hours.

Shackled to her chair.
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