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Desc:Hilarious Re-dubbing of old Next Generation scenes
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:star trek, outtakes, next generation, out takes, dubs
Submitted:Secret Messiah
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Comment count is 22
This video makes me want a negative star system.
Justin Dohrmann
tee hee.. star system


I have to admit the Laforge entrance was worth 3 stars
Yeah, that won me over, too.

I'll give him two. Hilarious is a poor description of this kind of comedy. More absurd and random.

Ya, LaForge makes the whole thing. Other than that... Huh?!

After all these years people have been trying to insert witty lines in video clips... When all they had to do was match the actors' lips with nonsense!

There's room for improvement but it's a promising premise.
Caminante Nocturno
This is pretty funny when it's late at night and you've fixed it so that you shouldn't drive.
Or mid afternoon, but otherwise the same situation. The fact that the nonsense matches the lips is enough for me.

Watch the whole thing.
A mix of cringe-inducingly bad and pretty good, but hell I laughed.

About half of this works.
I'm glad I stuck around for Geordi.
This really sucks until Geordi. I mean REALLY sucks. But after that, it was kind of Ok. Not 5 stars Ok, but still Ok.

Also, inflatable cowboy.

Clever Name
The guys that made this are apparently truthers.

Either that of its just another example of Star Trek synced to gibberish.

Either way, stars are solely for Geordi... and maybe cocaine hand.

Testicles of Doom
Effectively makes 2 minutes feel like 2 hours.

These stars are for 0:14 to 0:14.
Thanks for the comments - i would have stopped watching it about 25 seconds in, if not for the heads up about Geordi.
Maybe it's my state of mind, but I laughed at just about everything Troi said.
I think I like Troi as a sex obsessed East European nihlist.
These are not outtakes. There are opening credits in the goddamned things. I'd give more stars if this were funny.
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