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Desc:Speech that highlights the reasons for the popularity of the claims about obama being 'unamerican'.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Muslim, racism, obama, trumka, AFL-CIO
Submitted:Gamara II
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Comment count is 23
Olbermann: this is what righteous indignation actually looks like.

Also, needs Matt Foley tag.
You'll wish you had universal health care when you're LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER

Simian Pride
Great speech, but he really needs a vocal coach. I got a sore throat just by listening to him.
Get drunk with a bunch of union guys and ask them what they think about France. That's how they talk.


That was pretty badass.
Piss + Vinegar = This Guy Is Going To Have an Infarction

There are actually several great reasons to vote against Obama. And race is not one of them. This guy is obviously trying too hard to compensate for his own racism with his pro Obama speech. I'll bet he's never had a black friend.


What are you planning on doing after the election, Cena? Can we at least get a preview of how you plan to troll afterwards?

There ya go again, joe.

What are you planning on doing after the election, Cena? Can we at least get a preview of how you plan to troll afterwards?"

It'll be spent saying "I told you so" in all the videos that come about the economy tanking, and increased terror attacks around the country.

That's the Obama wins version.

If McCain wins I'll be saying "I told you so on videos about the economy bouncing back, and victory in Iraq/Afganistan.



For a guy who's not a professional speechifyer, that was a fine speech.
George Papadopolis!
We know you're no racist!
I need to point out, that although I liked this speech, this man is wrong on the history of his union. At least the AFL side... The AFL was totally exclusionary, racist, anti-immigrant etc, when it first started. Perhaps the CIO was different, but the AFL that was started by Samuel Gompers was only about skilled workers that generally were not immigrants, black, etc. And it actually succeeded because it was exclusionary.

Basically, the AFL was about skilled white men only.
Also, he says the union was about organizing all workers regardless of race, industry, skill level, etc... This is again not true. That was the rally call of the Knights of Labor, and then the IWW (Wobblies).


He points out that racism among the steel unions was partially a result of meddling from outside forces. Of course it's a little simplistic, just as your brief history of those labor movements are, but then again it's a rallying cry, not a history lesson.

Lauritz Melchior
That was very refreshing.
I'm pretty sure Trumka didn't say "ever-loving" at the time.

There were a string of stories recently about how racial attitudes, when accounting for positive and negative combined, are keeping Obama 6 points down from where he would otherwise be.

And the man's still up about 9 points.


The polls don't mean anything! Please don't pay attention to the polls! Be scared of polls!

If we should ever happen to find ourselves in the same bar, Richard Trumka drinks for free.
Whoa that guy is impassioned.
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