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Desc:For those who couldn't catch it live.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:mccain, obama, debate, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin
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Bipedal Dog
Comment count is 25
I'm five starring the "say it ain't so Joe" Palin cringe-fest moment.
So...was that her attempt to "sound like the average Joe" or was it just a poorly executed joke (or both)?!? Her accent got all weird throughout that answer...like someone trying to do an Australian accent but fucking it up into an awkward mumble and then trying to play it off.

That was fucking unbelievable.

She was clearly told by her handlers to work that in somewhere. Too bad her two remaining brain cells didn't warn her that saying it after Biden talks about the importance of stopping GENOCIDE.

Her response after Biden's story about his family and being a single parent was cringe inducing too.

Correcting my mistake: She actually said "Say it aint so Joe" after he talked seriously about economic problems people were facing.

The wildly inappropriate answer she gave after Biden's hearfelt plea for intervention in Darfur was:

"Oh, yeah, it's so obvious I'm a Washington outsider. And someone just not used to the way you guys operate.."

I can't believe the coverage I've seen calling this a Palin win, because she didn't drool or start speaking in tongues. Talk about getting sucked in by the expectations game.

5 stars for Biden finally getting sick of hearing the word maverick and delivering a beatdown, -1 because there wasn't enough of that from him

Nobody won. Pundits will claim victories on their respective sides. In the end, Obama wins, because these things aren't changing the way people about the candidates. McCain giving up Michigan is a huge, huge thing. That doesn't look too good if they're trying to compete in other manufacturing states.

Syd Midnight
"I think tomorrow morning, the pundits are going to do the who said what at what time and we'll have proof of some of this."
- Palin, in the debate

"I like being able to answer these tough questions without the filter of the mainstream media telling viewers what they've just heard."
- Palin, in the debate


Biden won.

First of all, because unlike his opponent he could answer questions and string together a coherent sentence.

Second of all, because independents and voters in general who watched overwhelming said Biden won.

Pundits are about as relevant as Lindsay Lohan. I swear to God, I heard on CNN "Palin won because she didn't collapse on stage".

CSPAN's uploaded a complete version here, no video switching required:


They have a ton of other fantastic content as well, including the first Presidential debate.
Okay - I just submitted it as a dead link. Please do me a favour, and vote it up, so the complete version can be here.

Preliminary polls show...ffuu...PALIN as the winner? What?
All the insta-polls and focus groups show Biden as a clear winner. As far as I know, Fox News' group was the only won to swing Palin, and that was based entirely on three people saying they were now switching to McCain.

Five stars for Palin winking at the camera and reinforcing my misogynistic side.
If your standard is "Palin came across as folksy, spoke in complete sentences, evinced a basic grasp of current events and campaign talking points, and failed to make some jaw-dropping gaffe," then Palin won.

If your standard is "The Obama/Biden ticket has about a ninety vote and growing lead in the Electoral College a month before the election, and just has to maintain if they want to win this election," then Biden won.
Goethe and ernie
Her accent is like someone sticking their cock in my ear, it's fucking horrific, and that's to say nothing of her idiocy.
Mad Struggle

Nuke You (Lar)

Lauritz Melchior
She didn't answer a single question.
My favorite example of that was the "Achilles heel" question.

Seeing as her response talked only about her strengths we have to wonder if she, once again, just ignored it so she could recite her talking point flashcards, or if she really doesn't understand what the term means.

A "C" grade is still a "C", no matter how many "F"s preceded it.
Palin "won" if you only compare her to Palin.

God, talk about fucking pandering. "The workforce is the best workforce ever, Americans rule, Joe Sixpack, Barack's not on the people's side *more screeching sounds, then silence*"

Not to mention the bullshit about not answering questions properly because she wants to talk right to the American people. =(

And dear lord, talk about what you're asked to talk about. "Debate" doesn't mean "They ask you a question and then you just talk about whatever you want".
This was something I suspected in the Couric interview, but has now been confirmed: She is basically not listening to the question. She just listens for certain keywords (like "economy" or "Iraq"), and then recites the first rote-memorized answer she can think of that is associated with that keyword. Regardless of whether it actually answers the question.

If you judge debate by emotion inducing language, culture and looks, Palin won. If you know what's wrong with the country, its infrastructure, have humility, dignity, and some intelligence, Biden won. It really makes me angry to see politicians like Palin: leaders who don't know shit and cover it up or try to save their own ass. The aforementioned language she uses is vomit inducing. Her behavior reflects something everyone has had to deal with: the cream-puff stuffing of bureaucracy. People need to know their fucking limitations, we're human beings and the rest of the world is too, it's not a privilege to be in our presence just because we have the biggest weapons and an economy we naively think is the strongest.

We need to prepare to contend with Europe and China - economically more than anything. We are threatened by the strengthening of economies and infrastructures; who can churn out the best and the brightest, who has the resources and industries other nations need, who has the allies to wield mass influence. I think Obama's train of thought is much more realistic and modern: he understands how to take hits and not crumble into idiocy and panic, equally important is that he is not afraid to respectfully call people out when they spout crap. Biden represents this well.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Biden won and anyone who says different is lying through their teeth for party loyalty.

A million stars for the smackdowns on the maverick BS, and how he exposed their health care plan for the fucking horror that it is.
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