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Desc:Harld Lloyd, famous-but-forgotten silent film comedian, invents every sight gag you've ever seen
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Stunts, fan video, silent movies, Harold Lloyd, Act Naturally
Submitted:Mobile Suit Goddamn
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Binro the Heretic
Aw, man! A half-hour syndicated show of this guy's antics used to come on in the afternoons when I was a kid. I never missed an episode.
Forgotten by whom?
Yeah, no one's forgotten Harold Lloyd, short of people who have barely heard of silent film to begin with.

Patterns for Success
True. Add to that category people who are willfully ignorant of the general history of comedy and history of cinema.

This video sucks, by the way; seemingly the majority of the gags are cut off, eliminating most or all of the funny elements and visual inventiveness, and making it look like some crappy-ass Keystone Kops thing.

The general public?

Harold Lloyd is better than Buster Keaton. Lots.
Patterns for Success
You are either trolling or lack all sense. Lloyd was great, but there is not a soul on this earth who would agree with you.

Yes, unpopular opinion=troll. Good call. I'm not saying Keaton isn't also fabulous, but I do think that of the big three (Keaton, Chaplin, Lloyd...this might be an unpopular opinion, too), Lloyd is vastly under appreciated. And have you seen "Never Weaken"? What's funnier than multiple failed suicide attempts?

Patterns for Success
Agreed, great film-- Lloyd at his best. But there's no way to convince me that he is up to Keaton's level as far as cinematic innovation goes, not to mention any number of other categories.

I mean, decades after the fact, people were still mystified as to how Keaton pulled off the multiple exposures in "Playhouse". And Lloyd never come up with a concept as original as that used in "Sherlock Jr."...and "Safety Last", which could be considered Lloyd's "The General", does not deliver nearly as many laughs or startlingly inventive visual gags.

Patterns for Success

I really mangled that last sentence there after the ellipses, but I think you get my drift-- compare the two's most-hailed masterpieces, and K's "The General" wins pretty easily.

I'd like to think those were scenes, not from his movies, but from his very life itself.

Could Harold Lloyd really be considered "forgotten?"

Patterns for Success
I really mangled that last sentence there after the ellipses, but I think you get my drift-- compare the two's most-hailed masterpieces, and K's "The General" wins pretty easily.
Patterns for Success
ugh, this fucking thing needs a "preview" function badly. Either that, or I need more sleep.

It's okay, nobody on the Internet really cares, they just react instinctively if they're bored enough.

Patterns for Success
Truer words...
Patterns for Success



you're kind of like the Harold Lloyd of posting!

It always amazes me when I watch footage from the 20s how little men's wardrobing has actually changed, outside of minor cosmetic changes and the adoption of the t-shirt. Then I realize it hasn't changed for three centuries, and then I get depressed and put on a dress.
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