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Category:Classic TV Clips, News & Politics
Tags:america, indigenous peoples, mount rushmore
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Comment count is 6
Damned indian givers. They gave us North America and then they want some of it back.

Seriously dude, drop the act.

You've had your fun with your little Andy Kaufman/Tony Cliftonesque "Reactionary Troll Guy" persona schtick but truth be told, it was never funny and you fool no one, so for all of us, including yourself, please, just drop the act.


the other nite yr mom was all like
"shit in my mouth" and i did

Most of America's radical history has gone down the memory hole - nice find. Radical Indians also occupied the island of Alcatraz for a while at the same time as the Rushmore occupation.


(Yeah I know they're "Native Americans" now. Give your property back to them and then you can get pissy about it.)
Most "native Americans" I know actually hate the term "native American"---"America" being the name the Europeans gave the land they took away, it's like a slap in the face.

Awesome so I bet if I call 'em Native Americans while whaggling a bottle of whiskey and a string of wampum they'll really be pissed! Suck it, redskins. I had to take a class on your boring literature and I've hated you guys ever since. Leslie Marmon Silko can suck my balls.

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