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Desc:fast forward to 1:05
Tags:Nipples, catch a predator, pedo bear
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Comment count is 8
I dunno. I am less amused by this then i was hoping.

Also: Numbers 31: 17-40
Deuteronomy 22:12-18

Pedophilia is in the bible.
(although, i could find no examples of homosexual pedophilia in 5 minutes with Google.)
Try searching for pederasty.

King of Balls
Chris Hanson's from Hell, and talking about the Bible just makes him ornery!
Goethe and ernie
That guy couldn't look any more like a paedophile if they actually filmed him fucking a kid.
He does sort of set the high bar for Creepy Looking Pedo.

it's in the Old Creepy Guy Testament
I think this is the creepy teacher from that movie Chickenhawk.
This guy must have known he was gonna be filmed and that's why he's chose to dress as a stereotypical peado.
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