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Desc:India's Lucknow train station has employed a man dressed like a monkey to scare away real monkeys.
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:Monkeys, Also his balls are huge, lucknow, train station, monkey bouncer
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Comment count is 11
This is a temporary solution at best, and when the monkeys get wise there will be hell to pay.

Oh yes.
Although highly entertaining, it looks to be completely ineffective.
Secret Messiah
As someone's who has been to India, in the video it seems to be working. The monkeys don't like to stay away like regular animals, if you've got food they'll come close and even attack to get it. They won't go very far away, but if you can keep them from being aggressive towards humans it's better than nothing.

Poor Excuse
I definitely saw a pair of Huge Balls. Where's the tag?

For Shame.
As someone who is staunchly opposed to the overuse of the "also his balls are huge" tag, I also wholeheartedly support affixing it to this video. Not only did the monkey have a huge pair of testicles, but it seemed like they may have put something in that guy's shorts to replicate a huge pair of testicles, although I'm not sure about that one.

I don't really see the logic behind this. Why would monkeys be afraid of monkeys? Do you make a scarecrow in the image of an actual crow?

Also that job looks terrible for your posture.
India has this problem with monkeys, alright? The first solution to the problem was, believe it or not, to bring in bigger monkeys than the original scoundrels. When this proved a disastrous, and hilarious, backfire, we get this.

Monkeys are afraid of bigger monkeys.

I'm pretty sure this is the new DragonBall Z movie trailer.
Nah, it's for the latest David Lynch film.

guy should have dragged around a plastic cup for handouts
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