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Desc:They don't make that kind of movies anymore...
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Hitler, jon lovitz, bikers, dyke, rat race
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Comment count is 15
...thank god - would be the end of that description.

This was the funniest moment alright, but the overall movie was pretty terrible.

I found it pretty enjoyable in an "empty your brain" sort of way.

Frank Rizzo
"are you insAYEne!? This is Hitlers car!"

Godard's Drinking Problem
The YouTube title for this video is "Very Funny"
I kind of remember watching this on a plane wishing I had alcohol.
They made this crappy movie seven years ago!
Jesus. This is Family Guy awful.
You mean Family Guy AWESOME!

Ms. Vonscarlet
This scene (which I'd have to agree was the best one out of the whole movie) made me suspicious of car cigarette lighters when I first saw this in theaters. They don't make this kind of movie anymore? Well, we do have the Scary Movie franchise which I guess makes up for it in an empty your brain sorta way.
Jeff Fries
Ha ha what now

Rodents of Unusual Size
This movie is all sorts of awesome.
No, it's terrible. I remember seeing this as a teenager and just sitting dead-faced through the whole film, except for this scene, which had me and my friend in tears of laughter.

It's not as good on second viewing.

any movie that unironically ends itself with a Smashmouth concert should be locked away in the most unreachable of places, but I DID laugh incredibly hard at this scene the first time.

the second time, not so much.
Barbie museum
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