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Desc:Damning argument for the California Marriage Protection Act
Category:News & Politics, Trailers
Tags:marriage, gay marriage, Dolls, little girl, Prop 8
Submitted:Jeff Fries
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Comment count is 19
Well, that completely changed my mind on the issue. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Support happy plastic doll weddings?

Seriously though, When will this wedge issue go away? It's pretty blatant pandering to the "Traditional Christian Values Voter" folks.

I have to vote against a similar referendum here in Florida on Nov. 4.


They're pretty well organized.

It will go away when a majority of voters want it to. After a couple generations die off, the ratio will tip.

Rodents of Unusual Size

What an adorable little future dyke.
Seriously, how fucking sick would it be if this kid were playing with two dolls of the same gender? Makes me want to puke.
5 stars for idiocy.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
To be fair, it's pretty decent propaganda as far as such things go.
Jeff Fries
Almost as good as those pro-carbon dioxide spots

We passed a constitutional amendment in GA to ban gay marriage. I voted against it. If homos want to get married its their business not the government's.
You were doing well until the 17th word.

This gay marriage ban in California was opposed by +10%. Up until several incredibly wealthy out-of-state Mormon groups injected millions into the race, making the measure now likely to pass.

If you want to help support equal rights, please donate here:

The 17th word is important. It shows I respect their right to marry, but I respect my right to call them whatever I want and to make fun of them.
I'll support their right to marry with my words and my vote but not with my wallet.

You don't seem to be getting it. You have the right to do all sorts of things. It doesn't mean you aren't a jack-ass for doing them though. Nor are you aren't making any sort of political statement by being insulting, just trying to be "edgy" to get attention.

I fucking hate you, America, and now I'm thinking of voting for McCain just to teach you a lesson.
You know that book Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten wasn't meant to be taken literally.
Oh... Now I understand.
Godard's Drinking Problem
Yuck - Gay People!
Is your understanding of human relationships on the same level of that of a toddler? If so, you're probably voting Yes on prop 8.
so, we should all think like 5 year olds? But then I'll be too worried about the monster in my closet to go to work. And once I go to work my shoes will keep coming untied(really, try to find a nice velcro size 11 shoe, it can't be done!) and I won't be able to make myself any food because I'm not allowed to use knives or microwaves.
I always do what little kids instruct me to do
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