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Desc:Thanks to Commander Mark, I am who I am today
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:imagination, secret city, commander mark, station, draw squad
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Comment count is 18
whoa whoa whoa. It was called imagination station....wasn't it?
Holy shit, I used to watch this at my grandparents' house all the time. Wow.
oh..my god. ok, so apparently there were two shows, imagination station and this one.....but he still has imagination station and he's fat now...and he has guests on (like hannah montana...)

holy shit

He's had different shows, this was his first. then Imagination Station and also The Draw Squad. 6 year old Erratic IDOLIZED commander mark. I would have thrown myself on a grenade for commander mark. A few months ago, I googled high and low and found his email and wrote him about how he had inspired me. I never got a reply. welp, I'm off to check my email again, maybe he wrote back in the last 5 minutes!
Oh yes. I sent in a drawing of a robot to his show. Hell of foreshortened circles all over that bitch.
He forgot to draw the flower with teeth in it.
What you're not seeing is off camera he's got several shots of whiskey and lit cigs. The guy is completely cirrhosis-city IRL.

this was the awesomest thing when I was a little kid, too! PERHAPS WE HAD SIMILAR LITTLE-KID EXPERIENCES.
I used to watch this a lot too. Unfortunately I took to Commander Mark's lessons a bit too well and even today when I attempt to draw anything I end up drawing a city made up of blocky buildings with open doorways and satellite dishes.
This man and Bob Ross turned me into the professional artist I am today.

I'd been trying to remember the name of this show for ages. I am now craving sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of Nintendo Cereal System, a pencil, and a long sheaf of dot matrix printer paper.
oh and don't forget Zebtron, the mentally handicapped robot

And that big screaming dragon arm.

oh the many, many hours spent doodling in class thanks to Commander Mark's lesson on rocket ship exhaust techniques (2 straight lines with a little cloud puff around it every couple inches). Love it.
one of the few influences as a kid that made me decide to be an engineer
Shade, Shade, Shade... Yes Mark, we sure do love to shade.
This man inspired me to wear a jumpsuit and fanny pack for years. Thanks, Mark, for all the beatings I received!
Is that Tom Cruise =/ ?

Nah, not gay enough ...
I LOVED watching this show as a teenager, it was fun to see the animation. I still can't draw though.
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