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Desc:Palin says the Troopergate investigation exonerated her.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Election 08, palin, rachel maddow, troopergate
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Comment count is 13
I too am baffled by this defense.

"Governor, how do you respond to the evidence that it is raining? Can you comment on the fact that heavy rain is falling on all of us right now, at this very moment?"

"I'm glad that today is such a beautiful sunny day, without a hint of rain."

How stupid can America possibly get?
In our--admittedly meager--defense, her performances routinely drive McCain's approval rating down. Against our offense, she's much more popular than McCain.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Rain is double plus good!

Mad Struggle
Jesus H. Christ
deny, deny, deny, deny, deny, deny, deny -breathe- deny, deny, deny, deny ....

I don't like pundits at all really. This kind of "reporting" just bugs the shit out of me. It's not that I don't agree with her. Palin is a lying, corrupt witch, but I don't need anyone to "make me feel better" about my beliefs.
On the other hand, try to find a non-pundit "reporter" who will actually call a person a liar when they, ya know, lie. They sure aren't doing it now.


I know, except this stuff is all over the news. What this report did was intentionally give both the interlocutors and the defendants ample cause to claim victory, which makes it rather worthless in my opinion. The only reason I'd watch this is if I wanted to go "Yes, I know this, and I will revel in the fact that I know it." That doesn't really make good with me. I can watch the Daily Show because they are hilarious, and their jibes are so subtle, clever and well researched that it makes it fun to watch.

Dinner table sarcasm and snide put-downs do not a good TV show make.

Dinkin Flicka
The point is that this is such a blatant defeat on a person so obviously full of shit that there's no point to be smug. And I agree.

Let John Stewart be John Stewart, you cannot hope to do his shtick half as well.
I like Maddow, but she was better as a commentator and columnist. Her show is good, but did we need another Countdown?
Sly as a fucking fox.
A retarded fox.

Wearing lipstick.

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