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Desc:Even if you dont like her this story is amazing. I promise you. In two parts.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:florida, college, Andy Dick, Kathy Griffin
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Rodents of Unusual Size
The part with Andy Dick starts at 3:28 in clip 1 (you can skip the rest if you want to)
I would sooner listen to Kathy Griffin than bore fests like Caroline Rhea and her ilk, but I guess that's not saying much. I only wish Jon Lovitz started off a chain of Andy Dick abuse.
Between Kathy Griffin and Caroline Rhea that's like picking being stabbed in the left eye or the right. Sure, I might have some slight preference but I mean either way I'm in for a lifetime of depression and loss.

I am really surprised this made ti out of the hooper. Even though I can understand why a lot of people dislike her, I have to say that I myself am fond of her. She can be annoying but she admits that. She is not really a "one-liner" or observation type of humorist, and all her material refers to her surreal experiences with celebrities. These stories are hilarious.

Best of all I have seen a few episodes of her reality show and I love when she tanks at a gig. She handles it so well and admits it honestly. Her Ryan Seacrest(sp?) stuff was good. The guy sounds like a total douche.
She knows how to tell a good story. Go rent "Allegedly", you won't regret it.
I fucking LOVE Kathy Griffin. Her stories are amazing.

I, also, fucking love Kathy Griffin. Anyone who doesn't can suck it.

Foolish Motorcycle Accident
She may have good stories to tell, but she has no idea how to tell them.
Exactly. This story was entertaining completely in spite of her, and not at all because of her.

Not only do I now like Kathy Griffin, I think I've also become a fan of Andy Dick.
you know he killed phil hartman, right?

Hay Belly
He's a dirtbag. I used to think he was funny in a Hank the Dwarf-type way, entertainingly self-destructive, until I heard the story of how he gave Hartman's wife cocaine, which made her shoot Hartman and herself. Now I'd punch him too if I ever got near him.

Yeah, it was Andy Dick's cocaine THAT MADE HER SHOOT HARTMAN. He laced it with instructions for MURDER!

She was sober for TEN YEARS you fuck, then Andy Dick gave her coke. She relapsed and a few months later shot Phil while wasted on cocaine, after an argument over her doing drugs again

My sister was at this show. She called me a week beforehand and asked me where the gay bar in Iowa City is because, you know, Kathy Griffen is going to want to hang out with a mid-western mother of three from West Point.
Yeah this just makes me respect andy dick's comedic genius way more. Blurring the line between act and real is wonderful.
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