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Desc: The most obvious 'get rich quick' scam in history.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Get-rich-quick scam, Matthew Lesko, Riddler suit, You donīt even have to be a citizen!!!
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Oh it's not a scam -- you buy the book and you get it. No flooding your mailbox w/ junk mail, no whoring your personal information out...

The book itself is fairly informative too -- it talks about all the different government programs you can get money from for a variety of different reasons, different kinds of job opportunities, etc... The whole point is for the government to invest in taxpayers so they can earn more and eventually pay more taxes.
yeah, It's actually legitimate. I used this to pay off a bit of my student loans through additional grants. It's not gonna get you rich, but it is interesting what programs are out there to help out with small business and debt relief.

gotta be careful, though. if you take a bunch of these things, it'll shoot your taxes through the roof.

by the way, I only got about a grand, but that's one grand I don't have to pay back on my student debt, all just because i'm low-income.
Funny how Matt Lesko tries hard to make himself look like a scam artist, while Kevin Trudeau tries his best to look legit.
He's a huckster, but eccentric and amusing enough to make himself entertaining. You gotta respect his enthusiasm.
Torture the Artist
If I owned that suit I would wear it every day.
I want my free horse.
I thought I must have imagined that line. But it actually happened, and that is great.


I want my horse too. Hell yeah. Also the website told me that I could get:

Free Term Papers
Free Rollercoaster Rides
Free Birthday Cards Form The President
Free Trips On A Weather Ship
Free Vasectomies

What else? Well lock your lookin' balls on this!:

,000 To Start A Hip-Hop Magazine
,000 To Study Wine Tasting
,000 To Drink Wine
,000 for Puppet Theatre

This motherfucker just made my life AWESOME! CALL NOW!

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