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Desc:at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:roast, Attack Ads, mccain, obama, Alfred E. Smith
Submitted:Sudan no1
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I just became a really big fan of will smith
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wow letterman is really bitter about that mccain snub
Letterman hasn't been this funny in years.

What the fucking..... what the... Wait! Why didn't they do this instead of the debate!?

An hour and a half of this yesterday would have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than what I actually ended up watching.
I think the American people would have been better served by the "yo mama" format, but yes, this would have been one hell of an improvement.

you mama's OK but I think "Rap Battle" is more befitting for politicians.

His comedic timing could use some work, but he gets all the bonus points in the world for taking on every single controversial issue head-first without cringing.

Even more bonus points for the nerdy Superman references.

I thought his timing was good, it was his rhythm that needed work. Like he'd practiced each joke separately, but couldn't get them to actually work together.
Either that or he's a Stephen Wright fan.

I thought the stilted delivery made it even better, but then again I'm also a Steven Wright fan.

It's a pretty sweet deal- my favored presidential nominee doesn't have great skill at humor, one of the least needed things for the job, but he has the judgment to pick a great comedian to write for him.

It just seemed like he was unaccustomed to getting laughs, since he's supposed to be Mr. Serious Inspiring Hopey Guy. So he wasn't quite sure how to respond and ended up chuckling along, which broke up his transitions.

Still great, though. Loved the messiah/Superman joke.

The joke in no way required "Jor-El" to come off, especially for that audience. Bonus stars for the staffer that fought to keep it in.

Gentlemen of the internet, on November 5, we must identify our covert brother who sent us coded messages of nerd operations from the battlefront, and celebrate his victory with sweet honeys and milks.

It was probably a staffer. But the fact that he still collects 'Conan the Barbarian' and 'Spider-Man' comics means it might not.

Look at mister comedian!

Sometimes I forget that this man is actually running for (and most likely going to win) the presidency of the United States.
Best dude.

Worst dude: geezer to Barack's right who doesn't move or emote until Barack thanks McCain for his service.
1 star for every dead person I'll have vote for obama
Pfft. Underachiever.

You bitches stay away from my man.
You know, I gotta say, McCain gave a good performance as well. Honestly, I had no idea that this kind of thing ever happened, but I'm so thankful for it's existence.
Godard's Drinking Problem
Totally agree - it was like Real John McCain doing a scathing impersonation of McCain/Palin John McCain, and I was made sad for the man who lived inside that frame.

But, when I remember he's run a horrific and derisive campaign and will go back to sucking the money milk from a beer baroness, my sympathies fade.

Got a link?

Godard's Drinking Problem

Rodents of Unusual Size
The Krypton line had me laughing. The "that one" line cinched it.

Oh god, and it actually gets better.
"So we're going to cut to McCain after every joke or almost every joke?"
It's MSNBC, so they no doubt were trying to catch him giving a grumpy-old-man look, which to McCain's credit, he did not do.

On the other hand, they did the same thing when McCain roasted Obama.

Needs more "yo' momma" jokes

man, that was actually really funny. barack "steve" obama did it for me.
Not to mention his dad, Jor-El Obama.

What kind of a rapping name is steve?

That was glorious.

This needs to replace the debates.
Oh, Barack. Like I needed another reason to fall in love with you.
his closing remarks needs to be up here as well...not funny, but as usual, inspiring and eloquent
Obama definitely hired better writers to come up with that.
Just goes to show you how in the end all these people are so confident in their success, so smug in their power, that they can all sit around and joke about the little game they play with our futures.

Again, I'm a big buzz kill. I know.
Wouldve given it a six, but he took out the Straight Talk Express/Short Bus joke.
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