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Desc:1st of 21 shows about the human mind
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Psychiatry, Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, Ron Savelo
Submitted:Ron Savelo
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"The Anatomy of the Human Mind Course"

Fuck your grammar, L. Ronbies.

"We would all be in a confusion." Yes. I guess you would.


*flashing death in a robe*

Quote mental illnesses unquote

Oh, and there's no definition of consciousness? Smack me with the surprise fish.

"Think think figure figure"

What the fuck?
a good five minutes of this was talking about vocabulary...christ

This is intentional. Scientology builds it's vocabulary in this way in order to make the doctrine difficult to communicate with people outside the church. This has the effect of isolating members from families/people who can't talk the talkt hus bringing them closer to other Scientologists, who do. It's not an uncommon cult tactic, although Scientology takes it to an art form.

This also prevents Scientologists from talking about the doctrine to outsiders, which has the effect of making it harder for outsiders/new recruits to realize the batshit insanity of it all.

there is something seriously weird about the sound in this clip, or the way he speaks, or something

you'll be met with "some sort of psychobabble", not at all like rational terms such as "SP", "body thetans", or "purification rundown"

also: i knew what crepuscule meant, does that mean i win a free audit?

anyway 5 for evil, awful, etc
>> there is something seriously weird about the sound in this clip, or the way he speaks,
>> or something

The sound is weird because YouTube's video conversion sucks. It sounds better if you click through to YouTube and then select "watch in high quality."

Third-rate intellects with delusions of genius are the richest source of comedy on God's green earth. I need the rest of this series.
I knew I was funny!

The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because the material he uh she is studying is boring, stupid, and inane.
Did the guy that wrote the music for "the Tick" convert to this crap religion?
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