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Desc:This must have been one of the things that made John McCain all jealous.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:japanese, Barack Obama
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Comment count is 14
I was going to four-star it, and say 'Five for a subtitled version', but I decided that would be petty.

Still want a subtitled version, though.
Well too bad Obama isn't running for emperor of Japan.
Well too bad John Cena isn't sitting on your face.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Give him time.

Give him time...

Does it hurt to know it's over for your team? I mean, Jesus... Obama raised 0 million last month. That's just one freaking month. McCain can only spend a total of million in the entire election (took public funds). Sad, we both know, that this totally matters (because American's only watch TV). His constant spamming of PA has cinched that state, and Ohio is next to fall... he trails by only a point or two, which is pretty much the margin of error. Remember, no Republican that has lost Ohio has ever won the general election. So sad.

... and Dewey beat Truman.

This is just wonderful.
Caminante Nocturno
Making the world a better place.
space coyote graciously subtitled this for the world:


I hope Obama visits Japan and leads them in this dance.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
I miss Space Coyote. :(

So is this also shot that city in Japan called Obama which worships the guy now? I surely hope so. +5 for pure happy.

"Obama Shoe Center"

Yeah, I'd say so.


Uniting the world.
Ahahaha, dear god, yes.
Syd Midnight
Oh Japan. I can never stay mad at you. *big hugs*
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