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baleen - 2008-10-21

This is from Baraka isn't it?
Though the original had Phillip Glass.

mouser - 2008-10-21


They're so cuddly and delicious! Fluffy too!

Aernaroth2 - 2008-10-21

Endless wave of fuzz

Cube - 2008-10-21

I was eating chicken with thai chili sauce when I watched this!

Killer Prunes - 2008-10-21

that makes you a terrible person.

mouser - 2008-10-21

Or simply not an hypocrite.

Space Helicopter - 2008-10-21

Chick sexing in action!


Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2008-10-21

Is this supposed to inspire outrage or something? Because I was alternating between laughing and "aww."

Dib - 2008-10-21

I don't understand the purpose of the operation. So they take a bizarre trip down a conveyer and through a funnel, something with their beak (assuming they have nerves in that area and feel anything?), and then the video cuts out but they're alive when we last see them. So what's the big fuss?

Aoi - 2008-10-21

They're not being debeaked. They're being vaccinated. There's a teeny tiny needle + innoculation dispensing machine in that thing.

Aoi - 2008-10-21

...oh, that last thing. ...I assume that's some sort of branding procedure?

...can't really say whether it hurts them, one way or the other.

DerangedGoblin - 2008-10-21

I understand it's burning the tip of their beaks so they don't peck. I got this from two sources, one of which I confess was the youtube comments.

Syd Midnight - 2008-10-22

Yeah, chickens enjoy killing the small and weak. That's why it's called a "pecking order".

Kumquatxop - 2008-10-21


Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-10-21

They go to a big room where a bunch of orphan children give them hugs and pat them all on the head, right? Right????

mouser - 2008-10-21

Mostly, yes. They're sorted on gender and sizes and they're sent to their futur job. Aka, being the next diner or being the purveyor of next diners.

godot - 2012-01-07

The beak amputation means these are egg layers, not broilers.

They sex them so the males can be discarded. Egg laying breeds are not efficient meat producers. This is done either through suffocation in waste bags or, by passing into a industrial grinder while conscious. This fate is far more humane than that of the females or broilers.

Broiler hybrids are housed in huge sheds with artificial light darkness cycles, and are bred to grow so fast their bones and heart cannot keep up. They sit on a deep layer of feces between feedings because it is more painful to move. Around 10% spontaneously die by heart attack before being sent to the processing plant at 4 weeks of age. Many can expect to be boiled while conscious because the mechanical apparatus for bleeding them or rendering them unconscious is defective. In the U.S., poultry is excluded from Federal and most state animal welfare law.

The fate of the egg layers may be worse. They are housed 6-8 per cage for the couple years of their economically useful life. Each is allotted the space of an 8x11 piece of paper, without the room to stand or stretch their wings. Their beaks are amputated to prevent them killing their cage mates.

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