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Desc:A demonstration of the Uncanny Valley
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:uncanny valley, keepon, Wall-E, Creepy Robots
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Aubrey McFate
I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL (since I do not have one of my own, beep beep)
That will be the face the robot interrogator will make when she tells me:

No, organic... I want to hear the sound of your screams!
One thing I'm curious about is how much of it is a western reaction. Being in Korea right now, I showed this to some of my local friends. It seems that most folks find the 'EH EH' and blowjob robots quite charming.
Syd Midnight
Weird.. I'd figured it was a universal animal trait to make us instinctively fear zombies and Terminators.

The original HAL voice made him rather uncanny-valleyish, like a serial killer.

(Also, I'm apparently the only person who liked the 2001/League of Gentlemen mash-up.)


Unmerciful Crushing Force
I'd hit Japanese Commercial Robot Lady.

Til that fucking close-up. But really five stars for table-head-lady who looks like something about Waita Uziga's nightmares.
I'm scared! Get me out of there!
It's a natural reaction, like seeing a, umm, differently-formed person. When you assume you see a human, but there's something out of whack, it takes a moment for your brain to re-assess the whole situation:

"It's not a normal person. Oh shit, don't stare! Do I have to do something I wouldn't do with a normal person? Defend myself or dumb myself down? How was he deformed again, I better look again. Okay, it's not a Terminator. Oh shit, I'm staring again."

Where as androids and mentally handicapped people process the whole situation in one thought: "EH EH!"
You know what would be sad? A robot that falls squarely into the uncanny valley who was programmed to love.
There's no need for robots like that, there are plenty of people doing that already.

Not never but now!
Explain it to me in Star Wars.
If you covered C-3PO in skin, he'd freak you right the fuck out.

1:22, "Bring back life form. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded"
The more perfect something appears to be, the more you hone in on the perceived imperfections, and consequently, the more imperfect those objects therefore appear. Know why that small red spot on your white shirt is the first thing you and everyone else notices when they see you all dressed up for a formal gathering? There you go.

But those weren't just perceived imperfections. Robo-biker chick was definitely the worst in terms of robotic movement in the facial expression. You could practically see the fat, greasy nerd off camera with the remote control box.

Going off some of my reactions to Uncanny Valley situations, my gut instinct is: "it is diseased, it is unclean, it may harm me just by being near me". Maybe it's a primal instinct developed to protect against disease? Or perhaps it came about as a way to deal with birth defects: it's easier for everyone to agree to kill Mrs. Ug's improperly-formed offspring if we all feel a sense of revulsion.

Of course the whole point to those clips of the facial-replacement thing was to pull you back into the uncanny valley to show, by contrast, how excellent it is when it's set up correctly, in a way that at least makes sense to CG programmers/producers/etc. (the target audience of that video).
It actually makes me think of predator species that mimic things that are familiar and enticing to their prey, drawing them close enough to strike.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Digital Princess Leia at the end of Rogue One `JESUS!
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