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Desc:Because this typography thing is the bee's knees.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:abbot, costello, typography
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Comment count is 17
charmlessman - 2008-10-22
That was actually pretty cool.
dichotic1 - 2008-10-22
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-10-23

hornung - 2008-10-22
still funny.
Merzbau - 2008-10-22
-1 star for Costello saying "Who's wife?". IT VIOLATES THE GRAMMATICAL PREMISE OF THE JOKE

Otherwise awesome.
spencer - 2008-10-22
I don't see how it violates the premise. It's the exact same joke with spousal relation replacing baseball position. Costello trying to get some names out of Abbot, who, let's face it, is just being difficult.

Comrade Admiral - 2008-10-23
This is an orthographical distinction, not a phonetic one. In the context of the joke, "Who's wife" would be correct, rather than "Whose wife", but Costello couldn't possibly have prior knowledge of what he was actually saying unless he -

A) Had one of those kinetic typography dealies going on in front of his face, and

B) Was a grammar Nazi.

Their names could just as easily be 'Hu', 'Watt', and 'Idano', and it wouldn't make a lick of difference to him for that reason.


kennydra - 2008-10-22
I dare you to find a more perfect comedy routine than "Who's on first?".
Cube - 2008-10-22
I like the Pulp Fiction one more, but I think this is a great genre of art.
garcet71283 - 2008-10-23
I should hurt you for even equating something by Abbot and Costello with Quentin Tarantino.

Cube - 2008-10-23
So you haven't seen the typography animation made of a conversation from Pulp Fiction?

freedoom - 2008-10-22
Having to read it all kind of takes away from the experience. also this is a different recording of "Who's on first?" than i'm used to, i wish they hadn't cut it off at the end.
Crucifried - 2008-10-22
I don't care.

Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2008-10-23
It's not a riddle, Ray.
Bruce182 - 2008-10-23
takewithfood - 2008-10-23
5th star courtesy of "every dollar of it" falling to pieces.
JimL2 - 2008-10-24
Yeah that was really pretty perfect.

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