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Desc:NewScientist video of the researchers involved demostrating this recent discovery
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:radiation, sticky tape, x-rays, triboluminescence
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Comment count is 13
Unmerciful Crushing Force
I'm a little disappointed that there is no involvement of rust in the making of this video.
Caminante Nocturno
Almost 500 Misters per hour.

That's crazy, but thanks for not explaining it.
Look around you...
Do you see it? Did you find what we're looking for?

*zooms in on a roll of scotch tape*



Great meaningless discoveries of the 21st century!
It shows we still have very little clue about friction and related
effects. It seems a lot like the kind of shit that was glossed
over in previous times when near complete knowledge of
the physical world was claimed by many authorities e.g. ultraviolet
catastrophe / stability of atoms. It would be odd
if this stuff was just some footnote: PS sticky tape makes x-rays.

Syd Midnight
Yeah, like finding out that gecko feet use van der waals forces. I wonder how much unbelievable physics shit is out there that nobody ever thought to LOOK for because its so everyday.

"Cold fusion was there all the time, you just had to put live snails in a popcorn popper, paint it blue, and surround it with kitchen magnets. It seems so obvious now."

Next they're gonna tell me i'm generating gamma rays and giving myself cancer of the anus every time i wipe my ass
You wipe your ass with sticky tape?


Syd Midnight
^^^ spirit bulb. Made me laugh.

I think if you're stuck in a vacuum chamber trying to use scotch tape, x-rays will be the least of your problems.
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