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Desc:Stephen Fry's new series that explores what it means to be American.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:BBC, stephen fry, fry, america
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Comment count is 27

where my boiz at?

Frank Rizzo
only prancy boys and fancy lads live in New Hampshire

Home of the lowest taxes in the union, and the among the most enlightened politics - easily one of the most democratic (and i mean democratic as in Democracy itself, not Democratic Party. ) states.

I'd love to live there, if not for it's small news market, and the fact that news there is pretty slow, except for for a few hectic months every 4 years or so.

Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry
Doctor Frederick Odd
Oh, please, please, please, please let him visit a horse ranch.
He does in episode two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRkBZP4RW9M&feature=PlayList&p=553D 48B9009A8055&index=7


it pains me to no end that such a uninteresting, dense moron such as yourself takes pleasure in something that I love. I hope that you get the flu, and that it kills you.

Can't you just appreciate the fact that we share common interests. Granted we differ politically, but politics is just a single color in the varied spectrum of one's personality. Perhaps through our non-political interests we can even be friends.


dear god.

Growing up I didn't have cable television. My father thought it unnecessary. So much of my television viewing was Public Broadcasting where many British programs were shown. Some of my favorites were Jeeves and Wooster, Faulty Towers, and Red Dwarf.
From what I've seen so far this program is delightful. Stephen Fry is charmingly humble in his approach towards America. As an American I appreciate that, considering many European newscasts I've seen that try to capture American rednecks at their worst.
I highly recommend you see more of the show Baleen.

Rodents of Unusual Size
It is my theory that cena_mark is actually a pro life lesbian activist who gay marries people and yells at people with Bush stickers on their cars.

Well done. I was afraid this was going to be amongst many other programs from Europe that poke fun at Americans at their worst. But Stephen Fry has arrived to my country as a genuinely curious guest. Superb work Jeeves, sorry I doubted you.

Mitt Romney loses stars for snubbing him.

would you just fuck off already

You know I'd fuck Baleen before Cena, but I gotta ask: when is the wedding?

As much as I hate Cena, I've noticed that he doesn't usually start acting like a dick until someone (read: baleen) provokes him.

Also, I'm afraid we might need a retarded conservative dittohead to counterbalance the retarded liberal dittoheads that are currently infesting poetv. Example: poetv.com/video.php?vid=45846

(Where the fuck were you on that video, Cena? It was the one time those flatulent noises that come out of you mouth would have been welcome, and you were nowhere to be found.)

No, Cena does. In this case, I'm just have to assume he's not trying to troll because the videos just to good.

And why has Stephen Fry not gotten a spot on House yet?

This is why Cena is such a horrible troll. He doesn't even remember swearing off Stephen Fry after learning he's gay. Boring. D-. See me after class.


You can't provoke shit out of an asshole. It comes out naturally.

No I haven't forgotten that he's gay, but its forgivable in his case.


you are gay.

5 stars for this thread proving that Cena_mark has been a troll of Baleens this whole time
wow thats heavy...schizo heavy!

I love Stephen Fry. I would do any horrible, rotten, filthy thing he requested.
Could possibly be the greatest human alive today.

After about two minutes I was absolutely in love with this show forever.
Syd Midnight
He pronounces Maryland as "Mary-land" not "Mare-lynd", but since he's Stephen Fry he is probably correct. (Rest of the episode is on Youtube).

He gets so.. delightfully delighted.
> You can't provoke shit out of an asshole. It comes out naturally.

You are Cena's laxative, baleen.
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