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Desc:That's a lot of carts!
Tags:Target, oops, shopping cart
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Comment count is 25
nice physics
I don't get it, were they not done loading stuff into it? It seems like it would be the truck drivers fault for pulling away too early. There were just too many people there to 'forget to close the door'. Or maybe I'm giving target employees too much credit.

-1 for fat people.
Actually, with those sort of trailers it's impossible to close the doors before pulling away from the dock, as it's not a roll-door from the top. The doors on a rail trailer like that actually swing in from the sides, so they're opened before backing up flush with the dock, and closed after pulling away.

So, in this case, nobody thought about the physics of things.

Truck driver's a moron for pulling away that far for some reason, though, especially given the noise this would've made.


You can see the chain of "I'm not cleaning that shit up" expressions on everybody's faces.
plus the future "oh shit" expressions when they are fired

Binro the Heretic
Doesn't look like there was any serious damage. I doubt anyone would actually be fired over this.

What more likely happened:

"Oh, wow. Robert, get those things cleaned up."

"Sure. Frank, get those things cleaned up."

"Okay, Josh, get those those things cleaned up."

"Uh, okay. Dude, clean those things...SHIT!"

Jeff Fries
Gus Van Sant just got outdid by a security cam
everything poops
Garry's Mod goes to Target.
Five stars for this.

j lzrd / swift idiot
You know how there's that joke, always that joke about how they'll never come up with a way of transmitting smell over a monitor?

Upon viewing this disaster, I distinctly smelled the scent of epic fail. It's like some kind of mix of perspiration, rotten cabbage, Worschestershire sauce, and vegan farts.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I smell stale popcorn and rat poison.

I misread the title, and expected a horde of kitties to stampede out.
I don't really see it being the employee's fault. A truck driver who drives out of a dock without physically checking his shit is kind of a moron.
I hate elitist Target shoppers, its Walmart for me.


Cena, what makes Target more special than Wal-Mart?

Is it because they don't look like old warehouses?

The capitalist sprawl at Target makes me sick. I've never been to one of your American wal-marts, are you saying they're even worse?

Wal-Mart is ten times worse than Target.


Target was a really horrible place to work. I remember, I worked there one summer before the store opened and they had this promotional thing in the greeting card section that played this music dredged up from the most fetid bowls of generic public domain mood music hell.

Unfortunately, the machine was right next to the children's department, where I worked stocking clothing. That thing played nonstop. Imagine listening to the same ten or so 20-second clips of the most insipid music you can imagine, for hours and hours.

I asked why the hell they just couldn't turn the damn thing off. Apparently, it wouldn't be "corporate". Listening to headphones would also not be "corporate". Then, the store opened and we all learned that leaving at your scheduled time and not staying until 1 AM straightening the absurd mess that the "guests" left behind daily would not be "corporate".
Eh. I feel way worse for the people at Lowes - the returns/service desk is right across from where they set up the various moving/dancing/music playing seasonal inflatable devices. So you've got an eight hour shift dealing with irate or idiotic customers and to make matters worse, a giant inflatable witch is wobbling awkwardly back and forth while a 15 second clip of "Thriller" overdubbed with wacky ghost noises constantly repeats itself.

Fucking kill me now, man.

Caminante Nocturno
Were in in that crowd, I would take this as a sign from God to quit, regardless of my financial standing.

Although that would probably boil down to an elaborate justification to have more slacking off time.
The preload reminds me of the scene in The Lion King where Mustafa is showing Simba the kingdom he will inherit.
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