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Desc:Neverland is where he rapes kids.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:Michael Jackson, Sexman, Pruane2, Jawsus, raping kids
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Comment count is 21

I really think he has fetal alcohol syndrome.

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/images/ency/fullsize/2 1723.jpg

The only thing is his mouth is huge and his lips are bulbous, but I knew a guy in high school that had FAS and he had the same constricted breathing, tiny eyes and nasal voice.
His eyes are too close together and he doesn't stare at the lights.

Baleen, I usually appreciate what you have to say. But this kid just has ugly parents and a bad case of a puberty.


Maybe... maybe... My beliefs were reinforced by his wasted dad. I'm waiting for a clip of his mom. Then I can further round out this most important study.

if you need us to continue to fund this project you're going to have to show results in a report by the end of the quarter and then you're porbably going to have to talk to a congressional oversight committee since you're USING taxpayer money to support this weak theory. make it happen

Didn't watch it. Fuck him. He's not interesting. What up with this anyway?!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
We don't have much left do we?

Steve Sutton is MIA.

DemoniousX is reformed thanks to Prozac and his whale finance.

True Forced Loneliness petered out in record time - I think they lasted 3 months before the group imploded.

So I guess we're left with FAS boy, Goronchev and

Yeah, Michael Jackson jokes aren't that fresh anymore.

IT was looking good for awhile with TFL and Yong Conservative

What happaned to Young Conservative anyway?.. That thing was messed up all sorts of ways

Yeah, the only good thing about this little sped is the absolutely horrific face he pulls at one point during his diatribe against Soulja Boy. I gave him four stars just for that.
Otherwise he's pretty much just any one of us POE-ers (except for the bouncers et al.) at that age, only perhaps uglier and minus the Magic cards.

Which POE regular will take the mantle and become the next You tube Internet sensation??

a flaming monkey
There is a video response to this featuring some man boobs singing Rick Roll...
he's an entertaining aspie, i mean he's no chis-chan and and not nearly as good as ulillillia but given time i think he can grow into a viable contender for either one.
0:26- voice cracks.
Goethe and ernie

Next week Jawsus tells us what the deal with Airline food is.
Oh you're just jealous because he doesn't want to rape YOU.

A candle that you've turned on its side that you've just lit. Fire and gasoline don't mix. And that's what Michael Jackson is.
Needs 'Jawsus' and 'Pruane2' tag for indexing purposes.
Analogy fail. These 5 stars are for the fact that an iron vice, let alone braces, can never correct those mandibles
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