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Desc:Yeah, it's getting that bad.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:fox news, obama, Joe the Plumber
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Comment count is 38
kiint - 2008-10-29
wow they must have really had to crank up the fox anchor brain ray starting around 3:00, he was probably leaking blood from his ears and eyes for days
spencer - 2008-10-29
Joe the Plumber... y'know, as in plumbing the depths of humanity.
Randroid - 2008-10-29
Oberschütze Joe der Plumber, Waffen SS.

wtf japan - 2008-10-29
Europa kann nicht zur Ruhe kommen, bevor die Toilette aufgeraeumt ist!

eatenmyeyes - 2008-10-29

Cleaner82 - 2008-10-29
The more I hear from this guy the more I think he IS the average, archetypal American.
The Townleybomb - 2008-10-29
...which is why Obama's winning so big, right?

Cleaner82 - 2008-10-29
If you're talking about polls, you can get right the hell out of my sight.

The Townleybomb - 2008-10-29
OK, sorry to try to leaven your shut-in drama queening with some kind of objective reality. DEATH TO FASHIST AMERIKKKA.

foopants - 2008-10-30
Bwa ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ahhah

The Townleybomb - 2008-10-29
Classic. In his defense, though, I don't think that Sarah Palin would do any worse if the ever let her talk to the press for five minutes at a time.
RockBolt - 2008-10-29
Its the exact same fucking thing

"What newspapers do you read?"

"Uuh, all of them?"

charmlessman - 2008-10-29
"So, Joe, why did you say what you did?"
"I don't know. Let other people figure that out."

Survey SAYS?!

simon666 - 2008-10-29
Lauritz Melchior - 2008-10-29
That was actually really refreshing.
IrishWhiskey - 2008-10-29
Joe is just repeating the standard McCain campaign tactic.

"We aren't SAYING he is an Israel-hater/Muslim/Commie/Gangbanger/Goat-raper, we're just saying that other people should be ASKING if he's any of those things."

Sarah Palin/Joe the Plumber 2012:
Facts are for Commie-Elitists
SolRo - 2008-10-29
nah, it's the retarded disillusioned republican tactic.

I've seen it a lot lately, they will attack dems with whatever batshit insane thing they imagined, then just go off on a totally different tangent when you call them out on it.

StanleyPain - 2008-10-29
It goes to the Fox "question mark" line of propaganda used nowadays.




fluffy - 2008-10-29
Okay that just came out of left field.
DMKA - 2008-10-29
Wow, Joe, you're a retarded fuck.

Also, why is it that the very people who hate Jews most in America (aside of white nationalists) give so much of a shit about Israel?
IrishWhiskey - 2008-10-29
Israel needs to be a united country (including the Palestinian territories) so that it can be completely eradicated, which will trigger the end-of-days and the Second Coming of Christ.

No seriously, millions of Americans support this, lead by Pat Robertson and GOP Congressmembers.

DMKA - 2008-10-29

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-10-29
We're experimenting with a new thing here at Fox News. It's called journalistic integrity.
Robin Kestrel - 2008-10-29
I think Shepard Smith's recent "Look, I'm a REAL JOURNALIST!" kick is just precious. Twelve years of soulless plastic-faced propaganda shovelling and now he is suddenly To Be Taken Seriously? Step one, Shep: quit Fox News.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-10-29
Well if he changes course then good for him...even if he is just watching his own ass.

Angel Carver - 2008-10-30
Seconded Robin Kestrel. Just for the record, this is not the first time he's acted sort of like a real journalist (before returning to Fox News hackery). He was also one of the noisiest Bush-critics during Katrina.

Also, there was that time he farted.

grimcity - 2008-10-30
I was going to bring up his Katrina coverage as well. Shep seems like he'd be better suited on some sort of E! type show, but every once in a while I see a clip of him being human.
One more thing, Geraldo worked in tandem with Shep during Katrina, and it's probably the best work he'd ever done. He's a cheesy guy, but he did a great job at channeling the frustration and anxiety that so many of us felt down here that I'll forgive him over the whole Hoffa thing.

Udderdude - 2008-10-29
Fox News: lol america
dr_rock - 2008-10-29
Gone :(
dr_rock - 2008-10-29
Just updated dead link. This Joe guy is a fuuuuuucking retard. Jesus!

waxeater - 2008-10-30
Who the fuck is this Joe the Plumber asshole and why the fuck is he being interviewed on cable news networks? What is going on in this country??

"You don't want to know my thoughts on foreign policy." No, I don't, and I can't imagine what kind of idiot would. You're a nobody.

Five for "The Flag Lady's Flag Store."

zatojones - 2008-10-30
"Why specifically" is something all Republicans hate to hear
chumbucket - 2008-10-30
good god, they still refer to this tool as "joe the plumber"? Cripes, it's not like he's Prince or anything. I hate tv
Killer Joe - 2008-10-30
He got an agent. Thanks Joe.
klingerbgoode - 2008-10-30
this guy has no idea what he's talking about!
RandomFerret - 2008-11-01
"it... it just gets frightening sometimes. Oh man."

Is he actually talking about Fox News right there? Did we all just watch a resignation letter?"
libby1217 - 2008-11-01
just because everyone named him as "Joe the plumber" doesn't make him an idiot...I loved how he was honest and says he wants people to find their own facts and pretty much draw their own conclusions...he's not trying to push his views on you...he just said what he felt..if you feel differently then make sure you vote...
Robin Kestrel - 2008-11-02
Hey libby, are you still on that convicted sex offender's list? I mean, I can't say for sure that you were on there for molesting children, I just know that some things I read made me concerned. Hey, don't take my word for it, I'm just a guy on PoENews, I could have gotten it wrong. I encourage people to do their own research about the babies you may have raped, or if you even are on any sort of court-mandated list anymore. I just think people should educate themselves about potentially dangerous predators in this day and age, not saying that you are one.

Honest like that, you mean?

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