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Desc:'Si Señor! Si.......' File under C for Charlatanism.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Mexicans, gas, infomercials, crisis, Señor
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Dora the Explorer
Big Muddy
Dora el griftora.

¿El neumático de ser reído de mientras vestido en un disfraz de abejorro como un segundo trabajo que usted consiguió para hacer llegar el dinero justo?

Si senor!
will the Spanish ever run out of things to do with their heads while expressing confusion?

i sure hope not
Mad Struggle
I thought it was a siphon right until they had the woman install it. Nothing's cheaper than free, right? Also: Cheap gas!
Lauritz Melchior
The fact that I can't understand Spanish makes this so much better... I think.
If the website info wasn't covering the phone number I would totally buy one!
Judging by the curvature of the tops of the numbers, it's probably 1-888-845-0602, although that's possibly 945. Neither one has any interesting Google hits though.

I like how the dad throws out even the inflated inner tube. Like it's totally killing his gas mileage. I think he's just being a dick for the hell of it.
I think he is saying "No, we can't go to the beach, gas is too expensive!"

Mexicans just HATE innertubes. They hate them to HELL.

This is one of the more hilarious scams, that thing is supposedly a magnet that aligns the fuel molecules for better combustion. And they magically stay aligned in flowing liquid. You know, all that ferrous metal in your gas.
Pie Boy
Alex Chiu is working in the fuel industry now?!

Comrade Admiral
¡Soy loco por las cornballs!
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, dad, maybe you should inform your family that they're not going to the beach before they start packing the car.

You dick.
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