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Desc:Chunk rates his political candidates by how they will bring about armageddon
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Armageddon, Charles James, ron paul
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Comment count is 9
Ten Kings?

5 stars for pure unadulterated insanity.

When I create an evil character for Fallout 3, it'll based on this attention whore of a gnome.

Lauritz Melchior
Seriously. There are tons of insane people shown on POETV, but only a few come close to this man's level.
The Townleybomb
Jeezus Christ, this election has been going on for two years and he still can't remember Jim Edwards' name?

5 stars for the moronic/sinister laughter at the end alone.
I'd watch cable news again if they got more guys like Charles to debate each other.
Syd Midnight
Whenever someone tells a story about the rants of a neighborhood schizophrenic and people say "You should get them on Youtube".. this appears to be that. 'Cause if he's acting, he should be in Hollywood.

He has that genuine Air of Sinister that most vloggers try and fail at.
I had no idea Smeagol was so active politically before that whole incident with the ring.


Where the hell is this being shot? It sounds like a hospital waiting room.
King of Balls
What a butthead.
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