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Desc:Featuring The Meanest Lady Ever
Category:News & Politics
Tags:politics, Halloween, mccain, obama, evil republicans
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Comment count is 60

Holy shit! That kid, "I have no problem with her views, but the way she's treating people is clearly awful."
What kind of crazy smart place is Gross Point Farms?
Daniel Striped Tiger
Desperation makes you crass.

Was that teenage boy dressed as a witch?


I don't know what he was dressed as but the kid is clearly going to be somebody.

Cap'n Profan!ty
Grosse Pointe Farms is full of rich people. Really rich people. Total peckerwoods, too. Lots of private school kids, old money, people with no fucking sense who would actually lose under Obama.

This is how you win votes for your party!
Lauritz Melchior
Truly Evil!
At this point, I seriously want to beat the shit out of every single McCain supporter (my own family excluded) because it has generally been my experience that these people are douchebags.

Also, every single kid that did not get candy from this woman should have taken a shit on this woman's doorstep.
Daniel Striped Tiger
The news report basically gave out her address. Wednesday morning her nude body will be found on her front lawn, beaten bloody and every natural orifice stuffed with peanut M&Ms

If you want, I'll fill in the gaps by beating the shit out of your family members. We should be sure to get a full spread.

wtf japan
In spite of this, the community feels Mrs. Nagel's current policy an improvement over last year's "No Niggers" sign and are hopeful that she is slowly coming around.
What a bitch.
This lady was not giving candy to Obama supporters. HA HA.

Neighbors thought that was mean. HA HA. DAMN THAT.

HELL YEAH. I was just thinking about the other night when I just refused to hand candy to Democrats' children. That felt SO GOOD.

Also, there is a guy who is committing serious felony level election fraud not too far from where I live. Basically what he was doing was going up to people in line and telling old/easily confused people that are voting for Obama that they have to click the "straight democratic ticket" and then click on Barack's name, which cancels out their vote for him. He does it out of site of election officials. The guy always runs when he gets found out because everyone knows McCain supporters are yellow-bellied pieces of shit. I hope they catch this guy and throw the book at him full force.
B. Weed
Not enough flaming bags of dog crap in the state.
Caminante Nocturno
The news loves it when a story like this happens.
Frank Rizzo
they even gave out her full name and the area where she lives.

jesus I hate the media.

That is tasteless and makes us McCain supporters look bad. However, Obama will have the government take her candy and redistribute it to welfare broodmares so her efforts are futile.
Cena mark; Now with extra Douche! (tm)

Cena_mark just stole my "don't spread the candy around joke" :(

don't worry, it's still a good joke

I don't SEE any candy...

Cena_mark, the socialist joke parasite.

I am responding solely to corprolalia's "If Footmen Tire You" reference (it got a laugh) and not to the talking mound of feces that started this thread.

Carry on.

In Soviet Union, candy redistributes YOU.

Big Muddy
"welfare broodmares"? What the fuck are you Cena a farrier?

Every single person and angle of this news story is pathetic.

P.S. At least she got trick or treaters. I got maybe one kid at my door in my neighborhood.
Mike Tyson?!
I got the impression parents are too afraid to let their kids have fun anymore.

Dinky Patterson

CHRISTMAS lights? I believe you meant to say HOLIDAY lights, sir.
Timothy A. Bear
I see that she was dressed as Michelle Malkin.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Man, the toilet paper and eggs are gonna make that house look like one giant booger covered kleenex.
That's what I was thinking. The kiddies were going to get neighborhood revenge on the old witch.

Gamara II
What's with that green "Obama for Mercedes" sign?

The Faghorn
So that's what a fairytale hag would look like with a couple facelifts.
She upgraded from gingerbread to vinyl siding.

Fucking geezers.
That anchorman is a pitch-perfect caricature of an anchorman.
I dunno, participating in a celebration marked by its socialist tendencies and then proceeding to only hand out stipends to only desirable candidates sounds awfully COMMUNIST to me
Binro the Heretic
What a cunt.

I hope her home and car are vandalized on a routine basis.
Well, since the news station was dumb(smart?) enough to give out the Mrs. GOP-Grinch's info, they probably will be.

This is the least newsworthy news story ever posted on POETV, perhaps. "Mean old lady on the street doesn't give out Halloween candy - film at eleven!"

This is clearly the same lady who keeps all the balls and frisbees and shit that end up on her roof/in her yard.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Nothing could be less newsworthy than Weener Poopie Jesus.

Hey, those four-year-olds' votes could swing the election.

Seriously, someone please rape this woman blind.
I keep watching this, hoping she might be slightly shamed by the fact that it is so just offensive that she's being filmed for the news.

I can only imagine her restrictions for what happens to the cans and clothes she gives to the Salvation Army.

Spider Jerusalem

That is the most Grosse Point thing I have ever seen.
The Townleybomb
Did you know that Shirley Nagel once beat a kid to death on the steps of a church?

Also, why in the hell would she think this would work if all she's giving out is one little packet of M&Ms?
They're CHILDREN you fucking mad woman.

If I wasn't already voting for Obama I would be now.
People are forgetting that the deal is Trick or Treat. If you're gonna be like this you're supposed to get your lawn shit on or your car keyed or your house set on fire or something. I dunno, it's been awhile since I've been Trick or treating.
"Evil Republicans" is redundant.
And NOBODY egged her house?

What is wrong with this country.
Just wait. This video is still making the rounds.

Her address and phone number have been posted in the YouTube comments.

Needs a "No You Can't" tag.
Oh my. Watch the video response from the kid who says she was his 9th grade English teacher. EVIL BITCH IS ALSO CRAZY.
Between this and the kid that was shot in SC, rednecks are killing Halloween.
Everything's worse in Detroit.
Geoff Marr
I wish I was american so I could vote for Obama.

Also: This is terrible editing
What a coont.
William Batty
Not a peace sign, nigger.
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