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Tags:Showtime, louis, cookies, ck
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I did my job. I volunteered. I'm drunk.
I will not get any sleep. I will wander into the booth and cast my meaningless new york vote.

what do you want to do about it
i'll kill you
stab stab
i love you
A drunken vote is the way to go baleen. I passed this along to a friend of mine who is still undecided, hopefully it will sway him. I think he's just says he's undecided because he wants the attention. How do you still not know who to vote for, fucking idiot.

Also, I have another friend who is probably voting for mccain. I have the worse fucking friends.

What's going to happen when people realize he can't un-fuck the country as fast as you can say "global financial crisis"?


I'm not just looking for a miracle, just a little relief.

If there's one message I could deliver to the people who have made the past eight years so bad, it would be "You don't have to fix what you've done, but please, just stop."

Really, Obama doesn't have to fix everything, although that would be nice. Just so long as he doesn't add to our country's downward spiral, it'll be an improvement.

if the dad from home movies says i should, i'm sold

"People Who Liked This Video Also Liked:
A hand grenade in a washing machine."

and that's it.

Louis CK and I drink the same brand of milk.
I just poured it into my coffee! also he reminded me I have cookies.

Worst advice ever. Hell yeah.
"Does that make sense?"


The problem with comedians is, it's hard to tell when to take them seriously and when to assume this is in fact a "bit". I want to believe this is a bit very badly.

I've always liked Louis. I'd be horrified to find his political advice truly is summed up as, "Fuck, let the other guy have a turn already. It's his turn on the swing set."

On the other hand, "Sarah Palin is a fucking retarded cunt" is one of the most remarkably insightful things I've heard said this election.

I have mixed feelings about this...
Wow, Xiphias really does look like him.
I thought it said "ANDREW WK WANTS YO UTO VOTE FOR OBAMA", and the "COOKIES" subtitle only served to back that up. =(
THAT I would love to see! And, I'm sure he'll say the word Party a lot.

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