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Desc:Queens public access horror
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:Public Access, fatty, geriatric butter demon, blacks on blonde
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Comment count is 19
Now that's entertainment.
The Townleybomb
Somebody with a stronger stomach than me needs to make "geriatric butter demon" a live tag.
Nancy Goddess (the host) lives a five-minute walk from me.

Watching this show periodically on public-access, I must note the irony that the women are consistently into (to the point of specifically inviting them to their events) beefy men, but NO FATTIES K THANKS BYE

You should try to seduce her and report the results. What part of Queens is it?

a - no fucking thanks

b - Ridgewood

Lauritz Melchior
I was led to believe that Fat Bottomed Girls would be featured!!!!

My expectations were fulfilled.
Lauritz Melchior
Oh, and she looks like big bird in the thumbnail.
You totally read my mind.

I feel like it's 1997 and I just discovered the internet all over again. Thank you.
Epic Win! So many dimensions to this. Politically correct platitudes. Fatties. Black bubble butt worship. A Hammond organ. Bad video quality. I can only hope and pray that Beck covers this one.
Timothy A. Bear

Did you really just say "epic win"?

I wondered what Kool Moe Dee was up to these days...
Better than Cats.
Dinky Patterson
He loves a meal ticket.
This is the exactly wrong video to watch during breakfast.
I had a hard time keeping out the laughter here at the office! Damn that's pathetically funny. Also extra points for "geriatric butter demon".
Persephone S. Tight
Grandma, NO! :(
Why is her dancing partner only wearing his socks?
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