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Desc:'You bought it Matt, you gotta handle it.....'
Tags:Walking, circuit city, commercial from the 90s, walkman, dickhead dad
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Comment count is 20

"Matt, if you want the rebate, you're going to have to get it. It's in my Circuit City van, Matt... That's right... Just in the back."
Godard's Drinking Problem
Forget Circuit City, I want more of the Jam Man, Jammin' Away to The Beat 92.3! The Beat: your home for today's greatest adult contemporary hits!

I'm reading Matt, and you're talking. What did we decide you wouldn't do while daddy is reading, Matt?
I get the impression he didn't mean 'that's it?' in a 'you mean the process is as simple as that?' context, but a 'that's the whole rebate, a handful of fuckin' change?' one.
Caminante Nocturno
At Circuit City, we don't check receipts and our employees never distrust you.
Yeah, I remember when a lot of stores had problems with the honor system. Ironically, it was the ones in the wealthier neighborhoods that went under the fastest. After that, they started locking doors and arming alarms and everything. Sad, really.

Jeff Fries
"Welcome to Circuit City / Where service is state-of-the-art" was the "I want my baby-back-baby-back" of the 90s.
Wouldn't "I want my baby-back baby-back" be the "I want my baby-back baby-back" of the 90s?


Jeff Fries
Of the Saved by the Bell era, my bad

when i was a kid living with my dad and stepmom, we had to go to chilis every friday.

Big Muddy
I feel like chicken tonight! Cause I can't even afford Shoney's!

j lzrd / swift idiot
That's my kind of dad, all sending his kid walking halfway across town, under freeway overpasses and shit. There is no part of his walk that isn't child abduction-friendly.
Was that the kid from Last Action Hero?
Jeff Fries
Austin O'Brien was in everything for a few years (My Girl 2, Prehysteria!, The Babysitters Club), then he burnt out around age 20 and died attempting autofellatio while on PCP.

Godard's Drinking Problem
Wow. That is a dark reference point for my pop culture heritage.

Jeff Fries
It's not true I made it up

Godard's Drinking Problem
Wow. That is a dark reference point for my poeTV heritage.

Sudan no1
when I was a kid this ad made me want to buy something at circuit city, only so I could search and find it somewhere cheaper, and make them give me money.
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