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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:dwight, jim, The Office, battlestar galactica, Andy
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Really needs the context.
True, but five stars because next time I need an internet handle, I'm definitely Dumbledore Calrissian.

Albuquerque Halsey
I don't like this show.
The Office is awesome. This clip, unfortunately, is not.

I -used- to like the office.

Ever since season four, they've really run the show into the ground.

It used to be this quirky, offbeat show.

Now the overall tone of the show is very cynical and mean spirited.

It plays out more like a bad soap opera than anything else.

I blame the fucking writers strike to be honest, Season two was unequivocally the best season of the Office ever made. Then subsequently season three.

Season four was a travesty. This must be from season five. I haven't seen it yet.
I agree. The Jim and Pam show is grating.

I hate to be that dude, but the British version is miles better than this one.

The longer any given show goes on, the closer it approaches the point where it transforms into being entirely about relationships, thereby achieving unwatchability.

This episode was great, but without the context this clip kinda sucks
I've never seen this and I don't think the context is that important. While I am usually the man tormenting the nerd, inside I am sometimes also the nerd. This clip did funny things to me.
no need for context other than the fact that Jim loves to torment Dwight
The Context:

Jim is holding a stop watch to capture any time that Dwight was not doing any work and thereby ripping off the company. Dwight had earlier claimed he never stole from the company.
Context takes away a star because I thought he had some brass knuckles and was threatening to pound his ass.

The people who are complaining about this clip are, in all likelihood, the ones who were really really upset by it. THAT SHIT ISN'T FUNNY, MAN. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.
God do I hate Battlestar Galactica nerds.
That is a thing of beauty.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Fuck context, this had me cracking up.

Dumbledore Calrissian. That doesn't sound right.
Frank Rizzo
Jim's pranks were funny in the first 2 seasons where they were still modeling him after his British counterpart: dying from working in a soulless office with Pam the only bright spot but even that brought him being constantly dumped on for her staying with Roy.

As soon as he became the star of the Jim & Pam show and transformed into a perfect saint of pure light, it just turned to unfunny douchery.
Ayup. And he wasn't even a saint, he was the smartypants asshole who was lucky to have the writers on his side. Would have liked Jim a lot more if he'd tried to be helpful once in a while. Like, towards the end of the series, Angela met with one personal setback after another, one of which resulted in her having all her cats taken away by animal control. If Jim could have wasted a day of work somehow arranging to have Angela's home declared a legal animal sanctuary, that's the sort of thing I would have liked to see him do every so often.

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