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Desc:pretty much mind-melting
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:Chess, blitz, grandmaster, Maxim Dlugy, Hikaru Nakamura
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Comment count is 10
One of them is clearly a robot.
I'd like to watch a game of blitz go
Neither of them know how to play, they're just moving shit around.
Actually, you're not far off. There are several videos with Nakamura playing blitz chess on youtube, and while he's apparently the best in the world at it, he plays like a twat, knocking over pieces and hitting the stopclock, making the other player fix the fallen pieces on their time. And also he's super fucking cocky about chess like that guy in that musical.

By "grandmasters", it means they're actually both high-ranking officers of the Klan.

There's more beauty in chess regular. This is like watching two teenagers rushing to win soggy biscuit.

Except these two guys are international champions. They play a more sophisticated game of chess with one second per move than any of us could with one year per move. Working together.

i could do that, it's just that i would make a lot of bad choices
That's what I do at regular speed.

That's what I do in everyday life.

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