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Desc:Somehow, it works beautifully.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Radiohead, Italy, nilbog, troll 2
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homes in Detroit. Also, beavers
Comment count is 11
Inclusion of the promotional head shot at the end should have killed this, but no...this thing just made my whole day so much brighter.

Also, in the land of Troll 2 trivia, does anyone know where the monkey ass rocket scene on the tv in the RV came from? Seems like another gem to track down.
Spit Spingola
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0h4yyzBVv4 This expains it. Sort of.

A major factor that made Troll 2 what it is is that it's an Italian movie in disguise with a bunch of white white white Utah actors.

This seals it, every radiohead song should be made into a video for a horrible horror movie.
There is nothing horrible about Troll 2.

Oh my god!
You guys!

Nilbog is "Goblin" backwards!

The entire concept and practice of "fan-vidding" has just been redeemed. Right here and right now, this is the moment.
Listen, no one in any possible world hates Radiohead's pretentious whiny music more than I do. No one. I wish Thom York's would drown in a pool of vomit and urine that is not his own. But I enjoyed this. That means there's no good reason not to like this.
hey, fuck you.

Angel Carver
The fact that this video hasn't been uniformly 5-starred is a total disgrace. Are your hearts so hard that you can't recognize ART when it's staring you right in the face?

I almost cried twice while watching this.
and yet this song still gets me all misty
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