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Desc:no words.
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:reality tv, rock band, geeks, limited career options
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Comment count is 19
Reality should not resemble South Park this much.
Yes, it should.

Frank Rizzo
A fine rendition of Edward Munch's immortal painting, The Scream, and so appropriate too.

Spike Jonez
Aw, and I thought it was a little pitcher o' Jesus.

Oh, come on. Its not like this is the first time a reality show has existed solely for corporate promotion of a product.

In fact, was there ever a time it didn't?
Your hair is gorgeous and beautiful! -Conky
Terrible. So very, very terrible.
Alice and Sebastian got paid to do this!
"Cretin, Aaronius, Jewphin..."

A marvelous essay buy an individuals whose name eludes my fickle memory once wrote that Starship's 'We Built this City' marked the death of rock.

This, I suppose, would be the sad funeral dirge played by a lone zit-infested, obese, middle-aged, bugle-boy in his parent's basement.
Spellchecking my comment, apparently, also eluded my fickle memory.

.... I hate typos.

Rodents of Unusual Size
You know that Alice and Sebastian are just laughing their asses off to these people when they go home. This is just about the biggest rock prank ever.
Tell me one of the challenges will be acoustic guitar hero
Who the fuck is Sebastian Bach and what shitty music does he play? Also why in fuck's name were these shitheads allowed to use their screen names for a goddamned TV show? Goddammit. That makes me unbelievably angry.
In order:
1. He was the singer for Skid Row, who has spent the remainders of his years being a "music show" talking head and pundit.
2. Kind of like Motley Crue, except worse.
3. On the idea that it better personified, in a snapshot, the characters' personalities, and that makes for good television.
4. Yes, because it is awful.

there's like 3 five minute episodes, they get progressively more ridiculous. like having old people join their bands and relay races!
I think rockband is great, it gets kids interested in music. I think this show is great, it gives me people to laugh at.
Life Failed: 13% Complete.
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