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Desc:awesome compositing
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:cat, kitty, Japan, ninja, meow
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at JoAnn's a fabric store, wow it's overwheming.
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j lzrd / swift idiot
Swinging light distraction!

Also kitties and martial arts!
Mike Tyson?!
I am sold, this is a good car.
Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar are delivering mine later.

Ninja Cat pulled into his parents' modest garage, deftly cranking his Apple iPod® to full volume with one flick of his gloved human hands. It was as if he could tune his ears to each one of the eight crystal-clear JBL™ speakers the Toyota engineers had packed into the interior.

Or maybe it was the sardines talking. That familiar euphoria was starting to grip his agile feline mind with the simple seduction of inevitable marine ecstasy. How many times had the XM NavTraffic® capability saved him from his addiction's memory-melting effects? As Ninja Cat's bright, feline eyes glazed to slits and finally closed, he found his mind still occupied--as it always was--by alloy wheels, DVD navigation, power heated outside rearview mirrors, intermittent rear window wipers, tilt and slide moonroofs, remote keyless entry...
Mike Tyson?!
We need bulbs for PoE TV too.

no shit, that was fucking marketing poetry

I wish you worked in advertising.

Cap'n Profan!ty
It is supremely ironic that he is named after a totally unmarketable product.

Caminante Nocturno
I feel compelled to buy sardines.

fucking magnificent.

i love you, poetv.

The entire concept of sudden fiction has been redeemed.

Hey you got your Toyota Corolla in my Honda Fit!
oh come on! this car isn't NEARLY as gay as the fit.

"fit" is short for "aggit"

5 for swinging light distraction.

damn. I left off the "f" for "fail"

ninja kitties = stars
Needs a furry tag.
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