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Desc:Shepard Smith says it's ridiculous that the media favored Obama.
Category:News & Politics, None
Tags:fox news, bias, Election 08, Shepard Smith, liberal media
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Comment count is 27
its quite obvious to me that the media has an intense liberal bias, because there are people telling me so on TV every day.
Shepard Smith is confounding. It's like he's independently developed precious few ideas of his own and is so pleased with them, he will vigorously defend them at every opportunity.
Well, color me surprised. Maybe he isn't a complete bootlick.
At some point during the elction, Shep Smith decided that he is Barack Obama supporter. This does not make him less of a douchebag.
Caminante Nocturno
Shepard Smith's slow metamorphosis into some sort of outspoken journalist.

With beautiful wings.
I kind've gave Shepard a pass after seeing his coverage of Katrina (I didn't see it until after the fact because I live in an area that was affected by the storm). I hate to say it, but looking back on news coverage via You Tube, Geraldo and Shepard earned a bunch of beers from me.

Weird thing with Shep though, he works for a fake news channel, but he really seems like he should be doing E! entertainment news. He has that perfect amount of cheesiness.

Goofy Gorilla
Smith covered the initial Iraq invasion like it was a football game. I'll always have a spot in my heart for him.

i honestly think we are going to see a bit of a sea-change from fox news. i think they are less conservative and more whatever the party in power is.

but then again, that is just a theory.
they'll be pulling more ratings than ever if they stick with their usual game, so i doubt that

Fox is "News Entertainment" and anyone who thinks it's real news is a mark.
From Brooklyn New York, weighing in at 300 lbs, Bill "Fightin' Irish" O'Reilly!

WTF? This is like the second time in just weeks I've heard Shep Smith being a right on dude. I'm looking out side, but the sky isn't falling. I'm confused.
But anyways, "The Media" should strive to be as objective as possible, and not a mirror for the vulgar.

Well an objective media is going to notice how shitty of a campaign McCain was running and therefore call him on running a sloppy, poorly managed, fearmongering campaign. And they will also note Obama has run a steady, well managed, hopemongering campaign. When Republicans see this they scream "bias", but it's actually objective reporting.

I'm pretty sure it's just Shep finally figuring out he's been shouting for the losers for too long.

What a strange looking panel: Old guy in beret, terrible comedian, gay guy in red sweater vest, old italian character actor.
Son of Slam
I'm just glad to see Bill from Left4Dead getting work.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I knew I wouldn't be the first one to make that observation. Seriously, it's uncanny.

Fox News is always for the party in power.
You didn't watch Fox News in the Clinton years I take it.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
They're in the stratergy room straterizing!
Murdoch has already endorsed Obama, this is just the new policy sifting down the ranks. Enjoy the dark side guys.

Nick DiPaulo is not a "comedian," he is a "douche."
5 Stars for that, sir.

Shepard Smith always struck me as a televangelist who accidentally got hired at Fox News. He's even got a televangelist name.
Hey, that dude from Left 4 Dead is there.

Between this and Shepard Smith saying that Joe The Plumber's bullshit about Obama and Israel was false and frightening, I am starting to think I love Shepard Smith.
A Jumping Spider!
It's almost like there is a decent human being hiding in Shep, but it takes a lot of bullshit to bring him out into the open.

I like Beret's approach. Let them argue, enjoy your drink.
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